Summer is Coming: Stylish Travel Essentials for Exotic Destinations

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Summer is Coming: Stylish Travel Essentials for Exotic Destinations

This is guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Nina Simons.

This sunny weather can only mean one thing - the holiday season is just around the corner! Whether you are traveling to a faraway paradise, an exotic destination or you're just going to hit a few domestic spots these are must-have, stylish travel essentials you want to bring with you on your journey.  Hold on people, summer is coming!

Power Cube 9000

Well, let's face it; phone battery became a big problem nowadays! If you're always on the go then you know exactly what I'm talking about AND you are going to love the Power Cube 9000, a portable power charger that will make you reachable no matter the destination you're at. This powerful, compact charger is compatible with Apple devices and includes a built-in lightning charger and an additional socket that makes it perfect for sharing while on the go. With this handy device will make Instagramming a piece of cake!

S'ip by S'well

Hydration is very important especially when traveling! It happens more often than never that we simply forget to bring water bottles with us while exploring a destination and end up not feeling so well. That is why these S'ip by S'well bottles are just what you need. These handy 15oz bottles come in many colors and keep your drink just the right temperature throughout, no matter the heat or cold around you. Pick a color that goes well with your backpack and makes staying hydrated on your vacay so stylish that everybody will notice you!


Even though holidays should mean relaxation and tranquility, more often then never it happens that somebody gets the stomach virus or catches a cold. That is exactly why this year you should bring the EZC Pak, a 5-day tapered immune support pack that contains a combination of Echinacea, Vitamin C, and Zinc and can fit your lovely purse. Having this EZC Pak is probably the most important accessory for your future trip so be smart and avoid getting sick this year!

Frameri Sunglasses

Aren't you bored of packing all of your eyeglasses and sunglass cases? Take do take up too much space in your overly packed beach purse. Well, the perfectly fashionable solution to this problem is definitely one of Frameri's interchangeable glasses. You can wear them all the time and don't let me get started about how stylish they are! Put them on and relax in a magnificent beach resort, right next to your private pool while enjoying the fabulous fruit bowls! Just picture that piece of heaven with a touch of fashion!

Yoga Towel Set

Speaking of beach getaway, Bali is most definitely a must see destination and if you've chosen this exotic spot for your next adventure, well, lucky you. This wonderful heaven on earth is a paradise for all yoga lovers who want to revive their spirituality and focus on introspection and reaching their inner peace. Simply choose one of the best villas in Bali and start your pilgrimage. Obviously, you wouldn't want to travel without a yoga towel set, so just pick a color you like and spend holiday being active! Namaste!

Mywalit Panama Zip Around Travel Wallet

The best way to avoid wallet theft is to invest in a quality travel wallet where your money, your passport, and your documents will be safely stored! You can completely relax with mywalit's Panama Zip Around Travel Wallet that is perfectly handy, can fit like a gazillion documents and looks so awesome! And after you come back home you can continue to wear it with any purse because it looks perfectly modern and can be combined with every purse, clutch, bag or backpack.

Birdies Slippers

Who says you can't be stylish on the sand beach? If you are a true traveling chic fashionista the Birdies Slippers are the perfect (reinvented house slippers) pair of beach shoes. These cute and stylish babes feature faux shearling (or quilted insole for extra comfort) add a touch of fashion to your traveling! And if you are more of sandals kinda gal then glittery leather sandals are the right thing for you! Why not add a touch of glitter to a pair of sandals and put fun into the holiday!

These stylish little items are going to make traveling a piece of (stylish) cake! They will make you feel totally fetch (wow, it looks like it happened, Gretchen was right!) while relaxing in a magnificent, faraway place! Grab your bags, and get going!



Nina Simons is a lifestyle blogger, yoga aficionado and a travel enthusiast with a distinctive taste for home decor. She's passionate about learning new things and sharing meaningful ideas. In her free time, she loves to design clothes and furniture.

If you wanna see what she's up to you can find her on Twitter.

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