At Bucky we pride ourselves in using premium natural hull filling. Our buckwheat and millet fillings are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and sustainably grown without fertilizers, pesticides or additives. 

These hulls provide optimal support and allows air to circulate through the pillow, which keeps it cool and dry throughout the night. These added benefits make natural hull filling a great alternative to traditional pillow stuffing.



40 Blinks Testimonials

"I’m a very light sleeper and to top it off I had to stop using regular eye masks because I didn’t want to ruin my amazing lash extensions, so I’ve been struggling with tons of sleepless nights. This specially designed mask bumps out to allow my lash extensions to lay comfortably, blocks out the light and sits snuggly on my head all night. I love my 40 Blinks, it has literally changed my life" 


"I love my Bucky, and the way it has changed my sleep! Makes each night more restful" 


"I have slept with an eye mask since I was 16! My 40 Blinks mask is my favorite EVER because of its unique design. It doesn’t press against my eyelids like others - and I can even wear my false lashes with it on! And really that’s why I had to have one! Plus, this design blocks out light completely, so you don’t get cracks of light on the bridge of your nose"


"I LOVE my 40 Blinks because it gives me the freedom to blink without the uncomfortable pressure on my eyes and smooshing my eyelash extensions. This is definitely one of my must-have products when I'm traveling or in need of a quick power nap"