The Minimalist Packing Guide: For Women

Packing can be so exhausting. What do you bring? Will it all fit in your suitcase? Well, worry no more! We have a minimalist packing guide for you. We are going to show you how to fit two weeks worth of outfits into your carry-on. Plus we have some other tips and tricks to make your packing a little bit easier.

This is our minimalist packing guide for a feminine style if you would like to explore the one we've created for a more masculine style click here.

One Suitcase: 14 Outfits

To get 14 outfits into your carry-on your packing list should include: 

  • (1) White T-Shirt
  • (1) Black T-Shirt
  • (1) Gray T-Shirt
  • (1) Blouse (neutral colored)
  • (1) Black Cardigan
  • (1) Long Sleeve Shirt or Pullover (plain neutral colored)
  • (1) Black Skirt (make sure this skirt is nice and comfortable, if you aren't comfortable in skirts, opt for another pair of black jeans or skinny slacks)
  • (1) Pair of Dark Denim Jeans
  • (1) Pair of Black Denim Jeans
  • (1) Black Jacket
  • (1) Pair of Nude Flats
  • (1) Pair of neutral colored sneakers
  • Jewelry of your choosing, we suggest bringing (1) watch, (1) set of earrings and (1) bracelet to keep it simple
  • (1) Neutral colored backpack or tote bag

In order to have 14 complete outfits, you will be wearing the same items multiple times. If you think you may get them dirty easily, swap out the lighter colored items for darker ones. This packing list works best if you have access to a washing machine, but is doable without. 

We have put together 14 complete outfits that are ideal for a more casual trip in moderate weather. If the weather on your trip is going to be hotter you can switch out the jeans for shorts and leave the jacket at home. If the weather is going to be colder, we suggest bringing a warm coat and swapping out the t-shirts for long sleeve shirts or sweaters.

These outfits are also fairly casual, but there are a couple of nicer dinner outfits. If you plan to be attending a lot of formal dinners we suggest checking this post out. This list does not include undergarments such as socks and underwear, so make sure you bring plenty of those!

Outfit 1: This outfit is perfect for sightseeing and exploring your destination. You can throw the cardigan or jacket on if you get chilly. 

Outfit 2: This outfit is good for wearing out and about as well as wearing to dinner or to a bar. 

Outfit 3: This outfit is a great option for a chiller day out and about. The sneakers make it perfect for doing lots of walking.

Outfit 4: This outfit is good for a little more formal dinner or evening outing.

Outfit 5: This outfit is a good daytime outfit. If the weather is nice you can leave the cardigan behind.

Outfit 6: This outfit is good for both daytime activities as well as a night out at a casual bar or restaurant.

Outfit 7: This outfit is good for something like wine tasting or shopping. 

Outfit 8: This outfit is perfect for going to a show, bar or restaurant. It also works great as a daytime outfit with or without the jacket.

Outfit 9: This outfit is nice for brunch or lunch during a casual day out.

Outfit 10: This outfit is perfect for exploring your destination and taking in the sights.

Outfit 11: This outfit is perfect from morning until night, so grab a coffee, go sightseeing and then get cocktails at happy hour!

Outfit 12: This outfit is both comfortable and cute. It will allow you to get out and about wherever you are.

Outfit 13: This outfit is very comfortable and perfect for any daytime activities.

Outfit 14: This outfit can be worn during the day or for grabbing a casual drink. If the weather is nice you could leave the jacket at home.

Tips for Packing your other Travel Essentials 

Now that your clothing is taken care of your clothing, it's time to move on to packing your other essentials. Here's 10 tips to help you keep on the minimalist packing path:

1. Buy travel-sized toiletries or purchase refillable travel-sized containers to save space.

2. Bring a lightweight eye mask to block out the light and help you get some sleep.

3. Use packing cubes or travel bags inside your suitcase to maximize space.

4. Bring along a travel scarf or poncho that can be used as a blanket, shawl or fashion accessory.

5. If you use liquid foundation, a decent amount will fit into a clean contact case, so you can leave the bottle at home.

6. Conditioner works great as shaving cream for your legs and underarms. One less bottle to bring!

7. Opt for either a compact neck pillow that attaches to your suitcase or one that can deflate when not in use.

8. Bringing a neutral colored backpack or tote that can be used as a carry on item is better than bringing multiple bags.

9. Store your socks rolled up inside your shoes when packing.

10. Purchase products that can be used for multiple things, like a bronzer that can be used as an eyeshadow. 

Well, there you go! You've got all the tips and tricks you need to successfully do some minimalist packing. If you are taking a carry on and checking a bag, we suggest checking out this carry-on packing list so you have everything on board that you need. You can even print it out so you don't forget anything!

Want to download our FREE printable minimalist packing list? Click here!

Happy travels, and don't forget to visit for all your travel essentials. 

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