5 Must-Have Travel Essentials to Add to Your Packing List

It’s 2021, and with this new year comes new hope that life will be returning to normal soon. With that return to normalcy comes the prospect of being able to travel again. You may finally be able to cash in on all those unused vacation days from 2020, wahoo! But travel can be stressful and uncomfortable without the right gear. Here are 5 must-have travel essentials to add to your packing list for your next trip.

Get Some Rest with a Sleep Mask

Getting some quality sleep on a long-haul flight can be a real challenge. Time zone changes, commotion from crew and other passengers, and cabin lighting can all seriously affect your ability to get restful sleep. A sleep mask such as the Bucky Blockout Shade can help block out external stimuli so you can get the sleep you need. They include softly contoured foam around the eye socket and are padded to follow the contour of your nose to provide complete darkness, stimulating your body's own natural melatonin production which is helpful for falling asleep. They even include a pair of earplugs and handy storage loops for them on the side!

Blockout Shades

Prevent Aches and Pains with a Travel Pillow

Just as important to getting good sleep as blocking out distractions is finding a comfortable, supportive body position. Airplane seats are not known for their comfort or ergonomics and you can quickly find yourself with an achy neck or back when dozing off. The Microbead Pillow is a versatile travel pillow that can be used to support your neck, back, or legs whenever you need added comfort.

Microbead Pillow

Promote Circulation with Compression Sleeves

Sitting for long periods of time can result in poor circulation to your extremities and can potentially put you at risk for blood clots. The restriction in blood circulation due to sitting with your feet flat on the floor for the duration of a flight can cause swelling and discomfort. Compression Socks and Sleeves can help prevent these issues by providing gentle compression to keep blood and fluids moving. It can also be helpful to do small movement exercises at your seat or get up and take a walk.

Compression Socks

Stay Warm and Look Stylish in a Blanket Scarf

Let’s be honest, the cleanliness of airplane blankets is questionable. There really isn’t any way to know how well they were cleaned or how many people touched them before they got to you. A Blanket Scarf is a comfortable and stylish solution to this. The blanket scarf’s soft and comfortable material is ideal for use as a scarf or a blanket and folds up into a compact and convenient pouch for easy storing. Problem solved!

Blanket Scarf

Make Your Luggage Stand Out with a Colorful Strap

Trying to pick your black suitcase out from the 25 other black suitcases on the luggage carousel can be stressful. You don’t want to grab the wrong bag, or worse, have someone grab yours! Adding a colorful luggage identifier like the IdentiGrip will help your bag stand out in the sea of luggage cascading down the chute. They even have a hidden luggage tag window on the inside, so your contact information or business card is easily accessible.


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