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About Us

The Natural Comfort of Bucky - Since 1992
(located in Seattle | USA)

Bucky, Inc. is a Seattle, WA based company founded in 1992 to design, manufacture and market comfy new pillows filled with natural buckwheat hulls.  Our original U-shaped pillow set the standard in personal comfort and is a marvel of simplicity that quickly caught the attention of top retailers across the USA. Soon millions of people were bonding with their Buckys!

Since then, Bucky has expanded and evolved our product lines to include a full assortment of natural and essential health and travel products.  Bucky promises a private oasis of calm and comfort to provide our customers with relief from tension, stress and pain often associated with the hectic rush of everyday life.  We want you to be comfortable at home, work or on the go!

Bucky strongly believes in 100% natural and sustainable products.  Many of ourproducts are filled with buckwheat seeds, buckwheat hulls or millet hulls.  Although these fillings have been around for centuries in Asia and Europe, they were an imported specialty item found only in select natural-product stores until Bucky pioneered their manufacture and began making them widely available in the U.S.  We can proudly say that several of our products are now Made in the USA!.

Having been in business for the past 23 years, Bucky has seen its share of economic and outsourcing cycles. To be competitive, Bucky did as other manufactures did and outsourced manufacturing and assembly to China many years ago. Over the past year, the company has been successful in bringing most of this manufacturing back to the USA.

Bucky has seen the cost gap between made overseas versus made in the USA narrow to the point where it is cost effective to bring this manufacturing and assembly back to the USA“Being smart about how our products are made is one of the keys to the long history of this company”. “We don’t compromise quality for cost savings, so it was quite challenging to ensure all needs were being met. We really had to put our thinking caps on and be creative as to how we were going to maintain our margins in manufacturing and assembling here versus China.”

While economics drove the majority of this decision, it is very important to note that other factors were involved as well. Issues like tighter quality control, better inventory management, quicker response times to customer’s changing needs and demands, as well as the patriotic ambition to add jobs and bring work back to the USA. “It’s important to be in the forefront of these decisions and not wait until it is purely a financially viable decision to move manufacturing back here” . “Bucky is known for taking initiative with product development and design, and turns the ordinary into extraordinary; we just applied this same initiative to bringing this process back here.”