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What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Does Bucky ship outside of the USA?

Please note we are currently unable to accept international orders online. Please contact us to place your order.

What is Bucky's Return policy?

What if I forget my password?
Simply click Login at the top of the home page. Under Registered Customers, click Forgot Your Password? and follow the instructions to receive an email to reset your password.

How do I clean my Bucky?

Read and carefully follow the care instructions found on the packaging, on the care label sewn to the item or the website Specifications Tab for any product. NEVER wash any grain or grain hull filling. If you are uncertain how to clean your Bucky, please email for more information.

Is my Bucky adjustable?

To find out if your pillow is adjustable, please view the specific product page for that product and select the Product Q&A Tab.

Can I purchase more filling for my pillow?

Yes. Please select the Filling category on our web page to view available filling for purchase.
How much filling do I need to completely refill my pillow?
Each filled pillow details this information on its product page. To view simply locate the pillow and click the Product Q&A tab and locate the question and click to reveal the answer. You can purchase replacement filling on our Filling Category

What are the dimensions of the products?

You can find most product dimensions under the product description. If you cannot find it click here for a list of product dimensions.
If you have other inquiries not found above, please feel free to email

How do I view/edit/update my contact and/or account information and track my orders?

Simply Login and you will be taken to MY ACCOUNT page where you can edit all of your information:
1. Update Contact information: change your email address and password
2. Edit your address book
3. Review and Edit my Wish Lists
4. Review and track orders and order status

What's inside my Bucky?

To view the fill type for a specific product simply go to the product and click on the tab called Specifications.
When should I replace filling?
Over time, buckwheat hulls polish themselves like beach glass and actually become more supple and offer even better support. However, they lose a small percentage of their volume and at that time you might wish to add more hulls to return your pillow to its original plumpness. Millet hulls do not polish down but if your pillow does not seem filled enough at any time, more hulls may be added to customize your perfect fit.

Are pesticides used in any of our fillings?

Our buckwheat & millet hulls are pesticide and herbicide free. We also use no chemicals or radiation in the cleaning of our hulls.

Are Buckwheat and Millet Hulls cleaned?

Yes, our Buckwheat and Millet Hulls are triple cleaned, raising the purity to 99.98%.

I have an allergy to wheat. Can I use a buckwheat pillow?

Buckwheat is not wheat. In fact, it's not even a true grain. The buckwheat seed is actually the achene of a grass-like plant (related to rhubarb) thought to have originated thousands of years ago in Asia. It contains no gluten and is safe for those with gluten allergies.

Are buckwheat and millet hulls hypo-allergenic?
Yes! Less than .016% of people have a reaction to buckwheat hull pillows. That's 1 in 6000. Those who do experience this extremely rare reaction can expect itchy throat, watery eyes and/or runny nose. If you experience any of these symptoms, discontinue use.

Can I microwave my Bucky?

Only our Body Wraps, Neck & Shoulder Wraps, Compact Wraps, and our HeartWarmer pillows can be heated.
*Please read and carefully follow all heating/re-heating/chilling instructions. For use with adult supervision only!
If you are uncertain as to whether or not your pillow can be heated, please check the care label, packaging, or check the product's Specification Tab on the web site. If you still are not able to determine if your Bucky is heatable, please email

How long should my eye mask last?

Our eye masks are lightweight, smooth, breathable, and comfortable for nightly use. They are made with safe, non-toxic glues to be better for the environment, and safer for the delicate eye area. Your eye mask should be replaced every three to six months, about the same as your toothbrush! Any excessive heat or chemicals from facial creams or cosmetics may potentially wear down the fibers, and decrease the lifespan of the product. We recommend our customers wear these with a clean face and store them in a cool, dry area, away from direct heat.

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