By Ellie Coverdale

If you have a trip planned and it involves a lot of time traveling to your destination, it’s important to stay comfortable so you arrive at your destination ready to explore. 

Whether you have long walks through the airport or long periods sitting in the car or in a plane seat, read on for 7 tips about staying comfortable while you travel.

By Lauren Laporte

Decided to spend your vacation at home? Great, this is the perfect opportunity to de-stress, catch up with friends and family, and work on elevating your quality of life. 

That said, you need to know what you’re doing, and you need to prepare properly if you are to actually organize an amazing staycation and not end up binge-watching Netflix and eating chips all day long. Not that you shouldn’t have a movie night, but there is so much more you could see, do, and experience.

By Kacey Bradley

You're not just heading out on any vacation, yours will be an eco-friendly voyage. Whether you're trekking to a green resort or heading into the wilderness, you'll do your part to protect your earth while you travel. Now, you just have to make sure that what you pack keeps the planet in mind, too.

Here's 10 items you should be putting in your bag.

By Kacey Bradley

While our taste buds and preferences may differ, one fact remains the same across the board — everyone loves food. And when it comes to perfect eating, the U.S has it all. 

If you're tired of munching down on the same dishes or chugging the same drinks, try planning a taste-and-travel trip that lets you enjoy your favorite ingredients in a standout way.


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