A Tahiti Adventure Guide

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A Tahiti Adventure Guide

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Marie Nieves.

French Polynesia is a collection of tropical gems cradled in the warm embrace of the Pacific, and yet, the islands of Tahiti somehow manage to stand out in such a vivacious, timeless place. It’s exotic, yet modern, sunny, yet mellow, all packed into a single, delicious package. A package that preserves the native culture without preventing progress, and one that invites solo travelers, honeymooning couples, as well as entire families to its stunning shores.

Up for an adventure? Just like so many other hidden treasures of the sea, Tahiti is brimming with opportunities for every lover of all things natural and packed with novel experiences that will take your breath away.

Surfing at Teahupo’o

As mesmerizing and mermaid-like the overall mood may seem, this is no place for the faint of heart when it comes to this playful sport. On the contrary, some of the most versed surfers have seen the bottom of the ocean after numerous mean barrel waves on the shores of Teahupo’o, and they advise caution even for the experts.

It’s an incredible challenge, to tackle these lively waves, greet the sunrise, and immerse yourself in the moment. If you get enough adrenaline coursing through your veins even just from observing, don’t miss out on the Billabong Pro Championships that are organized every August.

Diving among corals in Moorea

Harmless and used to human presence, lemon sharks, other reef sharks, stingrays, and shoals of exotic fish are all turning just another regular dive into a spectacular experience. Although every Pacific island has its own beautiful spot for snorkeling and scuba diving, few can compare to the versatility offered by Moorea.

The bravest nature enthusiasts among you will also love the very idea of swimming with humpback whales – this is not a promise, however, as the situation depends on their mood, and the experienced guides will let you know if such an option exists. These friendly giants may be harmless by nature, but they sometimes do crave a bit more privacy, hence the need to recognize and respect it.

Exploring the enchanting Bora Bora

Synonymous with relaxation and perfect harmony, this little Eden offers many different excursions amidst the over-water bungalows and the recuperating spa treatments. Treat yourself to a stay in Bora Bora and bask in the lagoon’s turquoise waters and prepare for exploring this incredible little island.

Hike to see the majestic extinct volcano of Mount Otemanu, the iconic image that represents the island on many a postcard, and adorns numerous Instagram pages of adventure-seekers. While the hike is truly splendid, you can also take a helicopter ride for an aerial view of the mountain peak. The smaller of the two peaks, known as Mount Pahia is an equally beautiful sight to behold, and a worthy adventure to briefly leave your little bungalow behind. Rely on trusty agencies such as Tahiti Travel Connection to organize such endeavors while you enjoy the crystal waters of this island, famous for its reputation as the “Romance Island”.

Vallee de Papenoo

While there’s a great deal you can learn from spending some time chatting to the locals residing in the capital of Papeete, you’ll witness true Tahitian spirit and beauty only by leaving the paved roads, and taking the road less traveled, or in this case, the rugged, dirt roads through untamed greenery. These tours are led by local guides who will share stories of their cultural heritage, and take you to some of the hidden waterfalls, little bathe spots, and introduce you to the incredible flora and fauna of Tahiti.

The Valley is located in the very heart of the island and away from the bustling capital. Every stop you make along the way will have you in absolute awe of the indescribable serenity, the song birds, and the waterfalls plunging over the mountainsides.

Maze through the lava tubes of Hitiaa

If you don’t know the story of how these divine islands came to be, this will also be an educational excursion, and a step back in time, when Earth was far younger. Just like the seabed riddled with colorful creatures and the shore adorned with verdant mountains tell their stories, so do the tunnels that run through the roots of the island – they tell a story of how the volcanic activity allowed these magnificent islands to form.

You will be able to roam beneath the Tahiti’s surface amidst the meandering lava tubes located on the East of the island, and find your way to the surface with nothing more but a headlamp – however, the effort comes with an unparalleled reward in the form of stunning natural bathing pools and waterfalls covered with vivid green.

Although these little nooks of peace are famous for soothing beaches and warm waters, and not to mention the bungalows splashed by the ocean, Tahiti is also a bewildering spot for adventure, in many shapes and forms. Above all, it challenges our modern view of life and lets us sneak a peek into much simpler times, and enjoy the present like never before.



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