10 Ways to Stay Organized While You Travel

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Kacey Bradley

Getting ready to fly can make anyone tear their hair out — even frequent flyers. You get halfway organized, give up and toss it all into a bag, only to forget something or be forced to leave it behind at TSA.

How do you make the most of your bag space, stay organized and keep your items safe while flying? Check out these tips for keeping your belongings in order.

1. Use Clear Packaging for Beauty and Bath Products

Seal these in a quart-size plastic bag, making sure each product meets TSA guidelines at under 3.4 ounces per liquid item. Place the bag in one of your side compartments away from your clothes and other items you don't want stained, just in case.

Also, keep it simple. Do you really need the bronzer? Or do you have an item that can be used for two purposes?

2. Wrap Your Silk and Scarves

Traveling with silk clothing? While you can roll most items, fold silk lengthwise instead of crosswise — except for sleeves — since any wrinkles will fall out once you unfold it. Fold it in thirds like the department store does. Cover the item with tissue paper, and pack at the base of your bag.

Similarly, wrap each scarf in tissue paper and place each in a clear plastic bag. Pack your go-to travel scarf in your personal bag to double as a blanket or tie it into a cute vest until you need it as a blanket.

3. Upgrade Your Neck Pillow

The U-neck pillow is bulky to pack, so invest in an inflatable one. Pack it right in your personal bag to grab and snooze. Another option? Go for the mini U-pillow, since many attach right to your carry-on.

4. Bring Airplane-Friendly Snacks

Don't let yourself get so hungry you consider eating your neck pillow! You can find hummus and veggie dip for under 3.4 oz that meets TSA guidelines. Think nuts, savory seeds and dried superfoods to keep you satiated. If you pack apple slices, keep those in a separate plastic bag — and remember, the TSA considers peanut butter a gel.

These snacks can fit conveniently in a side pocket of your carry-on or your personal bag. Less messy foods make less mess.

5. Keep Jewelry in Boxes

Store your jewelry in their old velvet boxes, which provide the perfect form of cushion and convenience once you clean them. Organize the jewelry by grouping the pieces in categories of short and long necklaces, rings, bracelets, pin earrings and earrings. Use a mild cleaner with a warm, damp cloth to remove dirt and hair.

Seal the boxes in another bag and place them in an interior, locked portion of your carry-on where thieves can't grab your valuables. You're less likely to worry if you keep these in your personal bag. You could also bring your jewelry box from home in your carry-on bag — if the box on the smaller side — to keep everything safe and organized.

6. Place Power Banks and Portable Chargers in Pouches

The TSA only allows power banks and portable chargers with lithium batteries on your carry-on. You can place spare batteries in protective packing cubes or plastic bags.

Many electronic stores also sell travel pouches for your batteries and devices, so they will be easier to locate in your bag. Store non-lithium portable chargers in your personal bag in one of these pouches for easy access.

7. Buy Fold-and-Go Blankets

The TSA permits blankets in checked bags and carry-ons. Try out a 4-in-1 blanket or fold-and-go that zips into itself in a 10 or 13-inch section. Some of these blankets also come with a pouch that attaches to your carry-on.

Most of the blankets are microfiber, velour, cotton or polyester and fold conveniently. Purchase one of these before your trip instead of attempting to fold or roll a traditional blanket or afghan.

8. Clearly Label Your Medications

The TSA allows you to pack whatever prescription medicine you need, and you don't need to follow the 3.4-oz limit. Don't forget to declare extra ounces at the security checkpoint. You also don't need to secure your medicine in a zip-top bag, but it may help for convenience.

Always label your medication, and if crossing borders, bring a doctor's note and use the original packaging just in case. Keep medicine close to you in a secure area of your carry-on or personal bag. Also, storing it near your other liquid products will make the security line move swifter.

9. Roll Your Clothes

Unless you're bringing a special item, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Monochromatic and neutral basics are more versatile to work with to mix and match outfits and free up space in your checked bag or carry-on. Find out how to fit 14 outfits in one bag in our minimalist packing guide.

Stuff socks into shoes with a dryer sheet for freshness, and chargers can sneak into shoes, too. You can also use your clothes to protect fragile items.

10. Seal Any Important Documents

Always carry important documents and identification with you in your personal bag, especially for easy access at security checkpoints. Use a zippered file folder for copies and larger paper documents and go paperless whenever possible.

A lanyard hangs around your neck conveniently for quick access to smaller items, and you can stow it in your personal bag when you're not using it. You can also invest in a theft-proof money bag, which resembles a fancy fanny pack.

Fret a little less about your flight and belongings with these 10 ways to stay organized. pack your ten most concerning items. Everything will be within reach, and you'll feel like you're flying first-class with your snacks, neck pillow and blanket all ready for access.



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