Find Your Perfect Eye Mask

Picking an eye mask might seem like a simple task, but the type of eye mask you choose could greatly impact your quality of sleep and relaxation. Make sure you're getting the eye mask that's right for you! Choose from sleep masks and eye masks designed for relaxation.


40 Blinks Sleep Mask

The 40 Blinks Sleep Mask is perfect for those who want lightweight comfort while blocking out the light. The molded cups and velcro strap make it so you can adjust your 40 Blinks for optimal comfort. 40 Blinks Sleep Masks are perfect for:

- people with lash extensions or naturally long lashes

- blocking out light in a dorm room

- getting a little nap in on the plane

- creating a dark atmosphere for sleeping during the day

- anyone who wants better rest


Blockout Shades

Blockout Shades include softly contoured foam around the eye socket and are padded to follow the contour of your nose to provide complete darkness, stimulating your body's own natural melatonin production which is helpful for falling asleep. Blockout Shades are perfect for:

- surrounding yourself in complete darkness and blocking out the noise

- those who love to sleep on their stomach and want a soft cushion on their eyes

- getting the best night sleep you can imagine



Serena Eye Mask

Serena Eye Masks are built for comfort and relaxation. The chenille covers are soft to the touch and extremely durable. Each can be placed in the microwave or the freezer depending on your desired use. Serena Eye Masks are perfect for:

- easing into a state of relaxation

- calming sinus headaches

- reducing puffiness and circles under the eyes.


Serenity Spa Mask

Get the soothing benefits of spa therapy whenever you need it with the Serenity Spa Mask. This versatile eye mask can be heated in the microwave to enjoy the relaxation of heat therapy, or chilled in the freezer for the refreshment of a cold pack. Serenity Spa Masks are perfect for:

- relieving tired puffy eyes

- calming sinus pain

- soothing headaches

- combating hot flashes.


No matter which sleep mask you decide on, opt for one that is meant to give you the best sleep possible. Don't waste your time with a floppy flat sleep mask, give your face the contoured comfort it needs to drift into dreamland.

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