Traveling on a Student Budget: 10 Ways to Save

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Sandra Larson.

Traveling has recently become very popular. It is no longer seen as a privilege. It is rather an opportunity. However, there are some categories of people who are forced to cut travel costs even more. Traveling as a student is also associated with a lack of time and a lack of money. Some students even prefer short trips to long ones because they are more affordable. However, your student budget should never stop you.

Here are several tips that can help you make the most of your trip without making a hole in your pocket.

Think About Your Destination

Be selective about your destination. We know that there are several top destinations you would like to visit, but sometimes they do not qualify as cheap travel for students. In such a case, you can decide about your route based on the discounts offered by the airways. If you are lucky enough to catch cheap fares, you can easily combine your own exciting trip.

Never Ignore the Value of Thorough Research

Before you start planning your next trip, it is wise to conduct some research that can help you save your money on flights and accommodation. You need to look for some travel advice on various forums where students like you who have already visited your dream destination share their observations and tips on how to save more.

Turn on Your Flexibility and Adaptability

If your desire to see the world is bigger than sticking to traditional touristic routes, you can consider flying to cities and countries that were not on your agenda. Also, you can fly to cities and places in the vicinity of your dream destination and see more than it. Sometimes, the real magic happens when you do not follow conventional routes.

Be Ready to Work

Sometimes, working for accommodation is the best way to save you money during the trip. Usually, “workawayers” are not loaded with too much housework so that they have enough time to enjoy their travel. By choosing this way, students may also get inside the local society and see the life of the country from within.

Go as a Volunteer

Volunteering is an amazing opportunity to visit a new country while helping the local population. If you are keen on communicating with different people, you should definitely try this option for travel. Usually, you will not have many destinations to choose from, but believe us, whatever country you choose, you will not get disappointed.

Search for Cheap Accommodation

If working is not an option and you want to relax and enjoy your time in a foreign environment, try searching for hostels or Couchsurfing options that would let you save your money. Do not expect much from these offers, but you can surely count on a couch or a bad.

Consider All Transport Options

As a part of your planning, consider all transport options that can help you save your money. If you can find good airfare deals that require traveling to the neighboring cities or countries (for example, flying to Italy instead of Switzerland), try to consider these options too. You may spend the same amount as you would spend on a direct flight but see more.

Remember Your Discount

Students usually are eligible to get discounts. They are applied for all transportation, including air travel. Also, international student exchange cards can help you save on museums as well. However, nobody will remind you about it unless you take the situation in control. Do not hesitate to google and learn more about offers ISEC provides.

Use Buses and Trains

Traveling by car rental is much more comfortable than understanding how public transportation works. However, trains and buses can really help you save your student budget. For example, Europe has a very developed bus and railway connection that can literally take you everywhere. If you know the exact dates, you can buy tickets in advance that will give you a discount.

Never Hesitate to Reach Out Your Friends Abroad

It is always a good idea to ask your acquaintances if you can stay at their place for a couple of nights. Even though you may not be great friends with these people, you might be surprised how open-minded people are about hosting those who come from the country or the place they miss or love. Do not forget to bring something to them as a memorable gift.


Low-cost airways and hotel aggregators contributed to the affordability of traveling. People of different ages eagerly invest their time, funds and efforts in discovering. Many of them have started learning foreign languages, which also helps them communicate while abroad. Students also travel, but they are forced to think about money much more than other categories of travelers. However, if the research more about their upcoming trip, they can really save their funds or even travel absolutely for free.



Sandra Larson is a freelance writer at sameday essay who has recently developed her interest in writing about the most common social trends. She found out that nowadays, people are keen on saving a share of their income to be able to travel at least once or twice a year. In this article, Sandra considers opportunities that help students save money while traveling.


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