10 Travel Tips for People Who Hate Flying

Tons of people hate flying for different reasons. Some people cannot stand the long lines, while others feel claustrophobic and anxious being on the airplane. Regardless of how why you don't enjoy flying, you shouldn't let it keep you from traveling and experiencing the world. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the whole experience better.  

1. Figure out what you hate the most: for some people, the entire experience of flying may be dreadful, but for others, it's one specific moment in the journey that gives you a pit in your stomach. If you're the latter, figuring out what it is that you dread will help you enjoy the rest. 

2. Prepare, prepare, prepare: being prepared for your trip is one less thing to stress about. If you know you have everything you need and everything is in place, you will be able to relax and focus on the fun you will have when you reach your destination.

3. Splurge a little if it helps: if splurging on things like TSA pre-check, in-flight wifi or even upgrading to first class will make you feel more at ease and more comfortable...do it! Having those little luxuries get you through the day will be worth it in the end.

4. Arrive early: if you hate flying, you might procrastinate going to the airport and try and rush through things. In reality, arriving at the airport early will make things easier. You will have more time to get through security and may even be able to pick a better seat when checking in.

5. Enjoy the airport: if your anxiety kicks in once you board the plane, take a moment to enjoy the airport. You've arrived early, but don't spend that extra time at your gate letting the anxiety grow while waiting for the boarding call. Find a restaurant or cafe near your gate and enjoy a meal or a drink. It will help you feel calmer and give you something to occupy your mind.

6. Figure out where you're comfortable: where you sit on a plane can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your flight. When you're picking your seat, take that into consideration. If you want a little more privacy, opt for a window seat. If you feel you may need to use the restroom or need assistance from the crew, pick an aisle seat. Although it can be awkward and uncomfortable to sit in the middle seat, it may make you feel a little more secure being between two people. Middle seats can be great if you plan to just put your headphones in ignore the plane around you.

7. Be comfortable: there's nothing worse than being anxious on a plane and being uncomfortable at the same time. Dress in comfortable clothes and give yourself the option of layers in case you get hot or cold. You can even bring a travel blanket with you, or use one that is provided.

8. Try sleeping: the best thing to do on a plane is sleep. Closing your eyes and drifting into dreamland will help the flight feel shorter and you'll feel rested once you land! Opt for a light blocking eye mask and compact neck pillow to ensure a nice nap. You can even get eye masks with earplugs if sound bothers you.

9. Distract yourself: if your flight is short or you are unable to sleep during it, try distracting yourself. There are tons of ways to do this, just pick the way that works best for you. Check out these 8 ways to pass time on a plane for suggestions.

10. Meditate and breathe: If all else fails, try meditating. Don't forget to take deep breaths and just remind yourself that it will all be over soon. No matter why you hate flying, it will be okay. You can make it through it and you're going to have an amazing time at your destination. 

Safe travels!


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