It's Time to Switch to a Buckwheat Filled Pillow

Did you know a host of critters and debris could be lurking in your pillow, or that the trapped oils, dead skin cells and dirt could be causing you skin problems?

Washing both your pillow and your pillowcases regularly is a must, but every three years you should really replace the pillow all together. 

A great option to consider when shopping for a replacement is a pillow with a natural filling such as buckwheat or millet

Buckwheat and millet pillows are recommended by chiropractors for maintaining spinal alignment during sleep and their natural filling is grown without fertilizers or pesticides. These amazing pillows are comfortable yet durable and the triple-cleaned filling is hypoallergenic


Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind, which is why Bucky offers the best natural filled buckwheat and millet pillows. Hull bed pillows are not only great for deep, restorative sleep, but provide ideal head and neck support that greatly improves sleep posture and reduces soreness in the morning.

At Bucky we offer a variety of pillow styles to suit your needs—enjoy the versatility of the bolster pillow, maximize sleep on the go with our travel pillow, or enjoy the benefits of deep sleep every night with our natural filled bed pillows.

All Bucky millet and buckwheat pillow filling is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizer — it's a win-win for you and the environment! Still wondering if a buckwheat pillow is right for you?

Buckwheat pillows provide firm, breathable support, reducing strain on your neck and back

The position you sleep in has direct effects on your health. Sleeping position can affect your respiration, spinal alignment and even wrinkling of the skin. There are proven ways to get a better night’s sleep by using the right pillow, with the right amount of fill and sleeping in the right positions.

The main thing to keep in mind regarding your sleeping position and pillow is the proper support of your neck and spine. You want a pillow that conforms to and supports the curve of your neck with enough firmness to support your head without collapsing. It is fine to sleep on your back or your side (or both) as long as your spine is kept in a neutral position and not bent out of alignment.



Sleeping on your side with the wrong pillow can interfere with sleep and even lead to serious neck or back pain.

Sleeping on one’s side is the most common sleeping position and one of the best positions for your back. Buckwheat and Millet hull pillows are ideal for side sleepers due to their great support and adjustable thickness. When you lie on your side your pillow needs to be thick enough to keep your spine straight but not so thick it bends your neck out of alignment.

Many pillows collapse under the weight of your head or aren’t thick enough in the first place. Using a thicker pillow or two pillows does not compensate for most pillows’ lack of proper neck support. Many people even fold their pillow in half when attempting to compensate for a pillow that is too soft.

When you lie down to go to bed tonight make sure there is support under your neck, and that your spine is straight. This should allow your back and neck muscles to completely relax.



Most people are familiar with the discomfort associated with a pillow that is not the correct thickness.

Sleeping on one’s back is the second most common sleeping position after side sleepers. When you lie on your back many pillows do not properly support the space beneath your neck, causing muscle strain. Buckwheat and Millet hull pillows fill the space beneath your neck. This can be supremely comfortable, allowing your neck and back muscles to completely relax. As with side sleeping, the thickness and firmness of your pillow is important to keep your neck and back properly aligned.

Back sleepers are also associated with snoring. While pillows are certainly not a foolproof cure for snoring, proper support and alignment of your neck and airway can sometimes lead to reduced snoring.



If possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach as it’s difficult to maintain the proper spinal position. Sleeping on your stomach forces your head and spine into an unnatural position. Staying in this position for hours is not good for your back or neck and can result in significant discomfort and restless sleep.

If you do sleep on your stomach, you will want to have less fill in your Bucky pillow than someone who sleeps on their side or back.

Regardless of the position you sleep in, Bucky Buckwheat and Millet pillows are a great choice for comfort and restful sleep. Buckwheat and/or millet hulls provide fantastic support of your spine, particularly the curves of your neck. Depending on your personal sleeping preferences, it may take some time to get used to your Bucky Pillow and adjust to the right amount of fill. Once you do, you may sleep better than you’ve ever slept before.

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