Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are a blast. You can crank the tunes, open the windows and explore the the world from the comfort of your car. However, sometimes being in the car for a long time can get uncomfortable. Here's some awesome products that will help you have the best road trip of all time. // SHOP ROAD TRIP ESSENTIALS 


Baxter Adjustable Pillow 

The secret to this therapeutic design is the eco-friendly buckwheat hull filling. The natural filling contours to the body and distributes weight evenly for optimal support. // SHOP



Medium Travel Pillow 

This comfortable blanket throw is thick and cozy. It's perfect for road trips because it's compact and has a zipper on three sides to zip it into a pillow. // SHOP



JR U-Shaped Pillow

These pillows are filled with silky-soft millet hulls that cushion and comfort. Perfect for a quick nap or long hours spent in the car on a road trip. // SHOP


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