6 Tips for Feeling Your Best

We all want to feel our best, but we all have off days. Did you know that your habits and routines could be causing some of those off days? There's a lot of factors that can affect your mood and the way you feel. Some of these things like traffic, bills and work drama are out of your control. Here's six things you can control that can help you feel better and have a better day.

1. Adequate Sleep - your day could be ruined before you even get out of bed. Not getting enough sleep or not getting quality sleep can cause you to be tired, irritable and distracted. Not getting enough sleep can also cause headaches and eye pain. Make sure you're getting enough sleep each night so you feel rested and ready for the day. We suggest using a light blocking sleep mask to help you fall asleep and a supportive pillow to help you sleep comfortably. 

2. Proper Posture - most of us sit the majority of our day. We sit in the car, we sit at our desks, we sit and eat lunch, we sit and watch TV or read. Make sure that when you're doing all this sitting you have proper posture. Back pains will leave you in a bad mood and can be avoidable. Try using a supportive back pillow in the car and at work to help with your posture.

3. Get Moving - hand in hand with bad posture, lack of movement throughout the day can cause our bodies to feel cramped and stiff. Make sure you're getting enough movement in your day and your body will thank you. It's recommended that adults take at least 10,000 steps per day. If you don't exercise it can be hard to get those steps in, so add some steps to your daily routine. Take a walk at lunchtime, opt for the stairs over the elevator or choose a parking spot that isn't right up front.

4. Take Care of Your Eyes - over 50% off the US population needs some sort of corrective lenses. Some of us wear them all the time and others only need them while reading, using the computer or driving. Not using corrective lenses when you should can cause eye strain and headaches so make sure to check with your eye doctor to see if you need corrective lenses. If you don't need corrective lenses full time but could use a little help, consider reading glasses!

5. Hydrate - keeping your body hydrated is extremely important. If your body isn't properly hydrated you will feel it everywhere. Getting enough water in your system means fewer headaches, clearer skin, and an overall healthier body.

6. Ease Aches and Pains - as much as we can do to prevent aches and pains in our body, they may show up anyways. Instead of just ignoring them or hoping they will go away, do your body a favor and soothe your aches and pains with hot and cold therapy.  Another great way to allow your body to rest and relax is with aromatherapy products


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