40 Blinks Sleep Mask: A Must Have for Lash Lovers

Do you have lash extensions or simply love wearing false lashes? Lash extensions and high-quality false lashes are an investment. Don’t let sleep or travel ruin them. Using a 40 Blinks Sleep Mask will save you money and keep your lashes looking amazing.

If you have lash extensions, it is recommended that you sleep on your back and use silk sheets. The silk sheets help prevent snagging if your lashes do come in contact with your bedding. Changing your sheets might be quick and easy, but silk sheets can be expensive. Plus, can you really control the position you sleep in and get a full night of restful sleep? Probably not.

This is where the 40 Blinks Sleep Mask comes in. The mask is molded (like a little bra) to cup your eyes. This means your lashes have a little cup around them protecting them from being squashed or snagged. Of course, the mask is still soft (you want it to be comfortable don’t you?) so if you fall face first into your pillow, there will be some give. However, if you sleep on your side or stomach with your head turned your lashes will be safe and sound under your mask. Keeping your lashes safe at night means they will look better longer and you will need a fill less often.

The 40 Blinks Sleep Mask is also great for those with lashes when traveling. Lash lovers should opt for a molded mask over a flat lay mask for optimal comfort and protection. You will be able to leave the plane feeling refreshed and with fantastic lashes already in place.

Learn more about the 40 Blinks Sleep Mask at www.bucky.com and start protecting your investment today.
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