The Magic of the Eye Pillow

Have you ever used an eye pillow? Many who have, also commented that they would never have thought it would be something they wanted until they tried it. And certainly, not something they would have purchased for themselves. These same people now say it is one of their favorite in-home comfort product.

Eye pillows have been around for ages and are well known for providing a sense of peace and relaxation. The truth is that Eye pillows provide a multitude of wellness benefits. The Eye Pillow works first by shielding the eyes from light and then by applying either warmth or coolness to the forehead and eyes. They are great for relieving facial muscle tension and for relieving stress. In fact they address a whole range of ailments: relief from headaches to head colds. Seasonal allergy sufferers often find an eye pillow is an invaluable tool.

8 Benefits of Sleeping with Eye Masks
Some other benefits and uses are:

  1. To promote relaxing sleep
  2. To help relax your tired eyes
  3. To help reduce eye puffiness
  4. To help calm your facial muscles
  5. To refresh your mind
  6. To alleviate the pain tension of headaches, migraines, and eyestrain
  7. To alleviate depression, stress, and anxiety
  8. To enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual balance

Soothe your body and mind with Bucky’s Sleep Eye and Dream Pillow Set. Soon you’ll find that it’s your new favorite in-home comfort product as well and be able to add your reason to the list above.

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