Wonderful Variety of Pillows

Let us not romanticize life in sixteenth-century England. Especially at night, in bed. Those beds were miserable. And nice, soft, supporting, comforting pillows—forget it!

The English clergyman William Harrison left us a priceless picture of life in Elizabethan times with his book Description of England, published in 1577. At that time, European beds were finally beginning to evolve from straw mats on a dirt floor into something with an actual wooden frame and blankets. But Harrison still recalled:


“Our fathers, yea, and we ourselves also, have lein full oft upon straw pallets, on rough mats covered only with a sheet, under coverlets made of dagswain on hapharlots ... and a good round log under their heads, instead of a bolster.”


A good round log? Dagswain? And hapharlots?


Happily, we live in a time where we can choose from a wonderful variety of pillows. They come in every imaginable size, form, style, material, and feel.

At Bucky, we believe that a pillow is such an individualized matter of comfort that nobody in a factory can really make the decisions about how it’s shaped and how it feels. That’s why all of our pillows are adjustable. Inside the cover you’ll find a fine-toothed zipper, very precisely sewn in to prevent leakage. Unzip, and you can easily add or subtract natural fill to adjust the size and firmness and shape of the pillow.

Buckwheat Filled Pillows

And the fill in Bucky products is always buckwheat or millet—all-natural and hypoallergenic.


When you stop to consider how important a good night’s sleep is, and just how great it feels to settle into a comfortable pillow that conforms to your personal shape, it’s hard to understand why it took civilization so long to get around to making good ones. After all, they had buckwheat and millet in sixteenth-century England. And down and feathers (if they were desperate).

Though a “good round log” could at least be billed as having “natural fill.”

Natural Filling


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