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Millet hulls are a luxurious, natural alternative to traditional pillow stuffing‚a good millet pillow can help you achieve deep, restorative sleep and better spinal alignment so your body can feel great when you wake up. Dense yet lightweight, millet hulls distribute weight evenly across the pillow and contour to the head and neck for pressure-relieving support. The nature of millet hulls is heat-conserving, which creates a gentle warming effect that enhances the silky-smooth texture. Millet hulls are the outer husk of the millet seed, which is released into half-spherical hulls when milled. Best known as bird seed in America, this nutritious grain is a daily favorite in many cultures worldwide. Our millet hulls are triple-cleaned and 99.9% dust-free, making them hypoallergenic and ideal for those with allergies or sensitivity to feathers or synthetics. Just like our buckwheat stuffing, all Bucky millet hulls are grown sustainably without pesticides or fertilizers and do not contain additives.‚ Caring for Millet Hulls: Do not get millet hulls wet. Do not microwave millet hulls. Remove millet hulls before laundering the cover Store in a cool, dry place

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