The 7-Step Guide to Flawlessly Planning a Last-Minute Flight

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Are you inclined to throw your essentials in a suitcase on a whim? The fast-paced culture and possibilities of technology have set up the perfect conditions for spur-of-the-moment trips. If you prefer spontaneous travel, you no longer have to painstakingly organize your transportation. Now, you can sort out the details of your trip as you go with the range of tools at your disposal.

However eager you are to arrive at a far-off destination, some preliminary steps can expedite your plans and secure the best deals for you — starting with your flight. Assuming you have your passport and documents in order, the remaining steps before boarding your plane are simple. You can arrange the right last-second flight with the following seven-step guide.

1. Log Onto Social Media

While you're scrolling through social media and thinking about journeying to another country, visit airline accounts. To fill as many seats as possible, many airlines post impromptu deals on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow domestic and international airlines to keep an eye out for these opportunities. Most will post to give you a heads up about a short promotion, so you'll have to act quickly on these social media alerts. Some airlines are more active and intentional about notifying followers, like JetBlue and Virgin Atlantic.

2. Browse Flight Maps

If you're flexible with your destination, you can scope out desirable options on a flight map. Resources like Google Flights will allow you to peruse an area until you land on an ideal flight.

Based on your preferences, flight maps can guide your decision on where to escape for your getaway. You can compare the duration, class and price of the flights until you find a suitable choice.

3. Track Flight Prices

Turning on notifications for particular places, dates or deals can prepare you for off-the-cuff excursions. Although you aren't explicitly planning with these alerts, you're staying aware of your chances to pick up and travel.

Tracking flight prices can clue you in on flight trends and inspire you to depart on a trip that catches your eye. It serves as an easy research method to direct your sudden travels.

4. Consider the Time and Stops

To make the most of your trip, you can get strategic with your flight specifics. The time you book your flight can produce more availability and a better deal. Early morning flights are normally open because few people want to wake up at daybreak.

The best connections can also shave a few dollars off your travel expenses and complement your last-minute trip. Nearby airports could have sooner flights, so open up the possibility by including the surrounding area in your search.

5. Take Advantage of Mobile Apps

Once you lock down your location, you can effortlessly purchase your airfare through a mobile app. Many airlines have their own apps, but you can also try booking-specific apps like Hopper or Skyscanner to obtain tickets.

Right after you buy your flight ticket, you can also check out accommodations for your last-second trip on apps like HotelTonight. With deals on remaining rooms, you can snag a place to stay from your smartphone after you get off the plane.

6. Bring Travel Entertainment

Even when you're leaving at a moment's notice, you need something to distract you while you're waiting in the airport and sitting on your flight. Stash grab-and-go entertainment to amuse yourself during your travels. You can put together a bag with books, electronics, and snacks that are always ready. Also, download audiobooks and movies before your boarding group is called. Although you're giving yourself little warning for the trip, you can still take along plenty of activities.

7. Pack Comfortable Travel Accessories

As you're running out the door for your flight, toss helpful accessories into your bag to make the flight pleasant. An eye mask and a travel pillow will allow you to sleep during your flight, so include these items in your personal bag.

Get Ready for Your Impromptu Travel

Spontaneous flights can let you channel your adventurous side, but minimal planning can enhance your experience. Incorporate simple planning to make your travels smooth. You can set yourself up for a last-minute flight with social media alerts, travel resources, apps, and grab-and-go extras.

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