7 Tips to Stay Comfortable While Traveling

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Ellie Coverdale.

If you have a trip planned and it involves a lot of time traveling to your destination, it’s important to stay comfortable so you arrive at your destination ready to explore. Whether you have long walks through the airport or long periods sitting in the car or in a plane seat, read on for 7 tips about staying comfortable while you travel. 

1. Wear comfortable shoes

While it’s still important to look good, the airport isn’t the right place to make a statement walk in high heels. You might be happy with your choice for the first few minutes, but as soon as you need to walk through terminals to your gate and you have to sit on the plane for hours in those shoes you’ll be sure to regret your choice. Recommended footwear is something with a low heel or preferably athletic shoes. You can even get some good insoles to keep your feet and back supported on long travel days.

2. Layer your clothing

It’s quite common when traveling to go from being really hot to really cold, and it’s impossible to control the climate at the airport and on the plane. If you’re arriving at night, or you’re going from a cold to a hot destination, you need to be prepared for both all temperatures. A tip from Susan Darling, a travel blogger at Academized and Elite Assignment Help, is to “have a sweater or cardigan easily accessible in your luggage so you can layer up when you’re cold, and make sure your bag has a bit of extra space to put your extra layers if you’re too hot to avoid carrying everything in your hands.”

3. Pick the right suitcase

When you’re packing for your trip, you want to make sure you have the right luggage which allows you to have hands free when you’re walking through the airport. It’s hard to go through security or you want to have a coffee but you can’t without awkwardly juggling everything with your bags. Bonus – get a fun and functional luggage tag so you make sure to never lose your belongings in the airport.

4. Pillows and eye masks

You’ll probably want to sleep on your journey at some point whether it’s on a plane, bus, or train, so it’s important to have some key items with you to help. Look into getting an inflatable neck cushion like this one to save space in your luggage as well as an eye mask to help you sleep. These 40 Blinks sleep masks are amazing for comfort and guarantee you’ll sleep as deeply as if you were in your own bed! Instead of headphones, put on a great soothing playlist and drift off – you’ll be at your destination before you know it.

5. Travel and Pregnancy

If you’ve got a big travel day ahead of you and you’re expecting, it’s even more important to stay comfortable. It’s important to stay well hydrated, especially when flying, and to have some snacks with you. Even more than others, you’ll want to stay moving and keep the blood flowing, so if you’re on a plane take some walks up and down the aisle frequently. Lastly, get a comfortable pillow for your back, like the Baxter adjustable back pillow so you’re supported throughout the journey.

6. Avoid tight clothing

When you choose what to wear on your travel day, not only do you want to be able to layer your clothing, but you also want to wear looser clothing that will be more comfortable. As Penelope Mantle, a lifestyle writer at Ox Essays and Big Assignments explains, “tight clothing can quickly become uncomfortable, especially if you’re traveling to a hot destination because you’ll start to sweat and your skin won’t be able to breathe.”

7. Traveling with children

All of these tips are also helpful if you’re traveling with kids because the last thing you want is an unhappy and uncomfortable child making a scene on the plane. It’s possible to buy pillows for travel that are specifically designed for children, as well as comfortable covers that you can carry with you in case they get cold on the plane or on the bus.


While it’s important to travel in style and arrive at your destination looking good, the most important thing is comfort so you can start your vacation without being sore or exhausted. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to arrive looking refreshed and ready for your vacation.



Ellie Coverdale, a travel writer with UK Writings and Boom Essays, has visited many exotic and off-the-beaten-path locations and loves sharing her adventures with her readers. In her free time, she is always outside hiking or kayaking. You can also find her work at Essayroo.


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