5 Tips for a Successful Trip

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Dan Chabert.

Preparing for a trip and ensuring that everyone is accommodated can be a tough and overwhelming experience. Whether you are traveling with college friends, workplace buddies, or even family you want the trip to be fun and memorable. For that to happen, you need to plan accordingly. If you are planning a trip, no need to stress because we got you covered! We’ve compiled 5 wonderful tips to make your next trip a success, fun, and memorable.

Involve the Whole Group in the Planning Phase

There is always a theme for every trip. However, with opposing opinions, it can be hard to settle for a particular theme. Allowing every person to contribute ideas makes planning a trip easier. For instance, if it’s a family trip, instead of being a dictator by making arbitrary decisions you can include on the to-do list different ventures to engage in.

After combining all the ideas, narrow down the list. If you are visiting a city, research on what it offers and compare with the activities that you want to do.

After listing all the places to visit, you can vote on the places that please everyone. For future trips, you can keep the list if you found another place you would want to visit.


Take Steps to Reduce Stress

Taking a trip is one of the best stress relievers. Therefore, ensure that you leave behind all the bothers and focus on the marvelous places you’ll visit and the memories you’ll make. However, in the course of your trip, things may not go as planned prompting your mind to kick into stress mode. Exhaustion, lost stuff, and unfamiliar surroundings are some of the factors that may speak distress.

On top of having a positive mind, ensure you have a plan B. For example, you may book a return ticket in advance in case your money runs out. Carrying a printed map of the area you are traveling also comes in handy if you happen to get lost in poor network areas.


Set Realistic Expectations

Everything becomes swift, you understand your limits and more important your financial situation. As much as you want an ideal trip, be sure negative odds will be on your raider waiting for an opportunity to seize.

Therefore, to avoid disappointments, it's wise to make sure your finances get along with the expectations you wanted. Don't set the bar too high as you may end up getting disappointed.  If you cannot afford tickets to Coachella music festivals, there is no need to put yourself in unhealthy debts. You can always find worthy substitutes and have fun the same way.

Needless to say, if you are traveling with friends don't compete with them when they indulge in wild shopping sprees if you happen to be strapped for cash. Who knows, they could be traveling at the parent's expense.


Be Spontaneous

Always expect the trip to be full of exciting activities or adventures. Being spontaneous comes with a Pandora box full of other benefits that enhance your mood and well-being. Your trip may commence on low gear but as it progresses, it turns out to be the best.

As much as it’s important to have a clear-cut plan, it’s equally important to try something indigenous and unexpected. Being spontaneous may prompt you to try some exotic cuisine or the dreaded bungee jump.

You may visit a country with a completely different culture from yours. Instead of coiling back, loosen and have fun, meet new friends, and create memories to tell your friends.


Research and Create a To-Do List

If you have already decided on your vacation destination, take your time to research and learn about the place. This virtual tour may help you discover an interesting historical spot to visit or a once in a lifetime activity to engage in. You also get to know the local cultural norms, traditions, and the appropriate dressing code etc.

For your own safety, you might want to know the weather forecast and whether it is a natural disasters hub.

You can come up with a to-do list when doing the research. The list comes in handy as you get to familiarize with the place and also ensures you get to do all the activities the place has to offer. You surely don't want to visit Hong Kong and forget to try their noodles.


Final Thoughts

There you have it! A complete successful trip blueprint…It’s time to pack those traveling bags and kick-start your world exploration journey. With the help of the above tips, your trip will end with a lot of fun, fulfilling and memorable.



Dan Chabert is an entrepreneur from Copenhagen, Denmark. He owns Runnerclick.com, Thatsweetgift, Contractorculture and Borncute. He also loves to join marathons. When he is not preparing for a race, he travels to see the sites of the world together with his wife.

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