Got a Cold? 5 Natural Remedies You Haven't Tried!

The key to rapidly getting over an illness is taking care of your body the best you can. Here are 5 ways to naturally fight your cold and speed up the healing process.

#1. Hot/Cold Spa Masks for Sinus Relief

Get the soothing benefits of spa therapy whenever you need it with Bucky's Spa Eye Mask, ideal for relieving tired puffy eyes, sinus pain, headaches, and hot flashes. This versatile eye mask can be heated in the microwave to enjoy the relaxation of heat therapy, or chilled in the freezer for the refreshment of a cold pack.


Eucalyptus Bath & Body Products

#2. Clear Congestion with Eucalyptus

There are many health benefits using eucalyptus, one of them being to clear congestion and control coughing. We like this line of Eucalyptus & Mint body products to incorporate in your daily routines of bathing and pampering.


#3. Acupressure Points on Side of Nose

 Using acupressure is a great way to naturally obtain relief and expel your virus more rapidly. A lot of these techniques can be performed in the comfort of your own home. 


Use Natural Herbs to Rapidly Get Rid of a Cold

#4. Stay Hydrated Using Natural Herbs

Make sure to drink plenty of water and add certain herbs for a faster recovery. Elderberry, ginger and chamomile are great to add to your tea, or find in capsule form if you dislike the taste.


Buckwheat Bed Pillows and 40 Blink Eye Shades

#5. A Quality Night's Sleep

Most importantly, get some sleep. Your body needs plenty of rest to get rid of your illness. Blocking out light with an eye mask and finding the right bed pillow are ideal for a restorative night sleep.

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