12 Reasons to switch to a Natural Cotton Buckwheat Bed Pillow

The average adult will spend 1/3 of their time sleeping. If you are going spend that much of your life in bed, you should be sure to put some thought into choosing your bed pillow.

Here are 12 Reasons why your next Bed Pillow should be a Bucky Natural Cotton Buckwheat Bed Pillow! 

Natural Cotton Bed Pillow

  1. Larger than traditional buckwheat pillows (measures 23" x 16")
  2. Stomach, back or side sleepers are provided the proper neck, shoulder and back support
  3. Recommended by chiropractors for maintaining spinal alignment during sleep
  4. Filling is the very best buckwheat hulls, grown totally without fertilizers or pesticides
  5. No additives
  6. Filling is triple-cleaned to remove dust, buckwheat flour, debris to make it hypoallergenic
  7. Comfortable texture, very durable yet very smooth to sleep on
  8. 100% unbleached cotton fabric
  9. Zipper closing to allow removal of hulls and adjustment to exact needs
  10. CPAP-friendly
  11. Ideal for chronic pain sufferers
  12. Made in the USA


12 Reasons to switch to Natural Cotton Bed Pillows

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