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Fun Fur Eye Shades - Leopard Ice

Fun Fur Eye Shades - Leopard Ice

  • $ 19.99

The main reason people cant sleep is too much light. The Bucky Eye Shades with Earplugs sleep mask is a synchronous combination that shuts out sensory input and allows you to fall into deep, uninterrupted sleep. Featured on The Dr. Oz Show as an effective, healthy, and economical sleep aid, Buckys Eye Shades with Earplugs is your solution to restful, restorative sleep.

Layered with 100% light blocking material, the softly padded eye cradle follows the contour of your nose to provide complete darkness that stimulates your bodys natural melatonin production. Even better, the super-soft material covers the eyes completely without pressure. The adjustable strap is compatible with most head sizes. A pair of corded, reusable earplugs is conveniently located in the storage pocket on the front of the sleep mask—never lose your earplugs again!

Buckys Eye Shades with Earplugs coordinates with the Utopia Neck Pillow or the Fun Fur Neck Pillow. 


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