Ultralight Sleep Mask - Gray Scallop

$ 14.99
SKU: 551478
  • Our ultralight contoured eye mask is 3.25 inches tall by 7.75 inches wide. Ultralight is a more petite shape than the original 40 Blink eye masks. Perfect for children or petite adults.
  • Made of 100-percent polyester interlock & 100-percent polyurethane foam. Hand wash cold with mild soap and hang to dry.
  • Ultra lightweight latex-free molded foam is contoured for pressure free eye comfort that allows you to blink freely, won't smudge makeup, false lashes, or put unwanted pressure on your head.
  • Relax and fall asleep quickly without light from street lamps, electronics, or morning sun, wake up refreshed after napping, travel, meditation and a full night's rest.
  • Bucky offers delightful travel and personal care products including U-shaped neck pillows, duo hot and cold therapy pillows, and soothing buckwheat seed wraps.

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