Why Going Biking In The Alps Is the Perfect Family Holiday

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If you are an ardent lover of nature and an adventurer, the alluring European Alps are beckoning you for a biking trip. Plunge with your family into the blissful mountains and soak in its most enchanting beauty from atop your bicycle seat. The Alpine ranges bearing snowy peaks, glaciers, shimmering rivers and lakes and lushly forested terrains have unfailingly captivated the heart of many travelers and are sure to tug your heart-strings too. Besides the unparalleled joy of cycling with your family, each push of the paddle by your feet will unfurl before your eyes the timeless beauty of the Alpines. 

Alpine Cycling Tracks

The Alps' single-track biking tracks offer both smoothing riding and rugged terrain, offering a plethora of choices to cyclists as well as catering to all age groups and ability levels. If you and your family are newbies at mountain biking, you can select scenic routes with friendly terrains. But, if you all happen to be seasoned cyclists, choose the tougher ones that will lead you into the heart of the wilderness.

All the cycling tracks, trails, and parks are well-maintained and their difficulty levels marked with the colors green, blue, red and black. The coloring helps cyclists in determining their paddling domain to keep safe. You can with ease reach the desirable areas with the help of bike-lifts.

The French Tracks

The French Alpines are full of family-friendly tracks for wheels to follow, the most legendary and well-known of them being the Les Gets and Morzine tracks, a favorite of the world-renowned bikers. The Burgundy trails take you into old wine areas of France with wine-manufacturing towns in the vicinity while riding on Alsace tracks can get you acquainted with interesting customs and myths of the locals. For the smoothest rides, cycle along the Dordogne river in Bordeaux and on the way discover the Castillon-la-Bataille, the site of the final battle of the famous Hundred Years of War.

The Italian Tracks

The Italian Alpines are also chalked full of impressive family-friendly tracks. Liguria has the smooth Levanto-Bonassalo-Framura bike trail, inside the beautiful Terre National Park, with an old coastline railway bordering it. If your family prefers the paved paths, try the Val Venosta Bike Trail. The track will take you through orchards and on the way, you can relish sights of old castles and churches quaintly standing amid silence.

The Austrian Tracks

The much famed Austrian biking-tracks of Triol, the longest in the Alps ensures an immersion into an awe-inspiring natural beauty. Slovenia also serves as a sweet destination for family biking. Along the river Maribor in Pohorje Hills, paddling will lead you into rolling wine growing hills and some pristine forests. Through a 20-50 kilometer (approximately 12.5 – 31 mile) long stretch, you could also explore the mesmerizing Soca valley where the Mediterranean, the Dinaric, and the Alpine worlds meet.


Put Your Worries at Bay

If going on such a bike trip has you concerned, you can put your worries at bay knowing that since the Alps draws hordes of bikers year round, you'll be sure to find plenty of local bike trainers to coach you in mountain biking.

You will also find a throng of tour operators providing attractive packages and catering to your needs for food and lodging. Besides renting out quality bikes, they will serve you meals cooked from their farm produce and for lodging both, economical and luxurious chalets are in abundance.

New adventures are exciting but can be overwhelming. Another way to you're your worries at ease is to carry some comforting items, such as compact pillows, eye masks, etc., so that you and your children can sleep soundly. Plan ahead, so once you’re there, without an iota of worry, your family can bike away in the mountains, free as birds!


Biking Alternatives

Managing children during trips at times could be a daunting task. If your children feel bored or require breaks from bikes, you could choose to engage them in fun-filled activities like the trampoline, adventure parks rides, hiking and river-rafting in the nearby areas. For gaining historical and cultural learning you could visit the fascinating nearby villages.

Final Word

Mountain biking in the Alps brings us into the heart of nature and while biking might even find your breaths immersed in divine scents of pines and wildflowers. And, after having braved the day with stamina and sweat, sit your family around camp-fires to exchange stories on the adventures, to sing songs or just be together silently watching the stars in the clear skies above. Make sure you bring light, compact items that will keep you warm and can be used for the times you take a break from cycling and camp. It gets chilly even in summers when you are amidst the great mountains.

It goes without saying the thrill of adventure and warmth of togetherness will make your familial bonds stronger. So, for your next holiday, visit with your family into the valleys of Alps to paddle and create a trail of memories to relish life-long.



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