Valentine's Day Self Care Guide


Show a little love to yourself this Valentine’s Day. How? I’ve collected my favorite ways to celebrate myself on Valentine’s Day with a bit of self care. While boxes of chocolate are wonderful, dinner out is great and oodles of boxes of bath bombs are sweet, what is it I really want? Me time! A bit of free time to love on myself in my favorite ways.

With COVID restrictions this year, we need to think outside the box. Or favorite and go-to ideas are looking a bit different. When your spouse, partner or significant other asks you what you want for Valentine’s Day this year, simply share this post!

Valentine’s Day Self Care Tip #1

Power Vinyasa or HIIT & Flow

I know. Many of you will wonder why I added a bit of a workout into a self care list. Let’s just say that you all know that some days you’ve got to work off the extra energy or anger issues before you can really get into a more relaxed mode. So I’ve included my favorite way to do that, especially with COVID restrictions and Winter! My peep at Flex & Flow have got some great LIVE classes as well as a large On Demand library. Depending on what type of workout, or run, I need I will also pop into a class my with favorite fitness app Open Fit. Give a good run class with Coach Aaron, some stretchy yoga with Coach Ritvik and some power moves with Coaches Alexis and MaryBeth or a whole list of peeps.


Valentine’s Day Self Care Tip #2


I recently started using several different outlets to find daily meditations. I have found if I start my day on a positive uplifting note, it continues throughout the day. My latest favorite is Jay Shetty’s 20 Days of LIVE Meditation which is found on You Tube. Click here for the link.


Valentine’s Day Self Care Tip #3

A Relaxing Yoga Flow

Yes, I love yoga. If you don’t realize that already, maybe check out more blog posts like, Wanderlust 2019. You can also follow me on Instagram @peppyfitfoodie. I love a wonderful relaxing restorative yoga session or even a deep stretch class. It just leaves you feeling so incredibly yummy afterwards. I’ve also started adding my Bucky Heart Warmer when I need to give myself extra special love. Heat it in the microwave for anxiety, cold symptoms or stress. Stick it the freezer to help with inflammation, headaches and a post exercise cool-down.

Heart Warmer

Valentine’s Day Self Care Tip #4

Time in My Happy Place

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the gift of time. Time in the one place that renews your soul. It’s easy to find that place, simply close your eyes, take a deep breath and as you exhale, think of where you want to be in that moment. Now go there! For me, I love the water, any time spent near there just refills me. When I can’t get there, I do the same breathing exercise and imagine myself there. Warm breeze, waves breaking on the shore, the smell of the ocean. Ahhhh…….

What’s your happy place?


Valentine’s Day Self Care Tip #5

Whatever makes you happy!

In the end, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to do whatever makes you happy. For some people it’s a long walk, for others it is a pamper session at a salon or even at home. Take time for yourself, no one else is going to do that for you.


Kathy Rodriguez

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