6 Tips for Surviving Daylight Savings

Daylight savings time is right around the corner! That means it's time to start prepping your body and your routine for the time change. Here's some awesome tips to help you get through Daylight Savings and not lose sleep!

1. Give yourself extra comfort - changes in your sleep schedule can make you feel tired, anxious, and irritable. Use a weighted blanket to soothe your mind and body for more restful sleep. SHOP WEIGHTED BLANKETS >

2. Start eating dinner a little earlier - this will allow you time to digest and be ready for bed a little earlier than normal, causing the shift to have less impact.

3. Create a good environment - having the right environment is crucial for getting good sleep. Use a sleep mask to block out unwanted light and earplugs to give your body the quiet it needs to rest. SHOP SLEEP MASKS >

4. Avoid screentime before bed - If you can't avoid your devices altogether, at least try turning the brightness down and using night mode for warmer hues.

5. Get comfortable - the last thing you want is to be tossing and turning at night and losing more sleep. Make sure you have a supportive pillow so you're comfortable all night long. SHOP BED PILLOWS >

6. Adjust kids sleep times slowly - if you have little ones try adjusting their sleep time in small increments leading up to the time shift.

Get your best sleep possible with sleep masks, natural hull pillows and more from Bucky.com!

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