The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Something for Everyone on Your List

It's just about that time of year! With Christmas comes family time, good cheer, peppermint everything, our favorite carols and classic melodies, and lots and lots of travel.

We understand the struggle to shop for everyone in your life so we've compiled the ultimate holiday gift guide with gift ideas for her, him, and kids! You'll be sure to find something for your significant other, mom, dad, daughter, son, or friend here! We have lots of cool gift ideas so let's get started.   

Gifts for HIM

Shopping for the men in your life can oftentimes be tricky, but not to fear we have lots of options for every guy on your list.

#1. Adjustable Baxter Back Pillow


 Give the gift of comfort with the Adjustable Baxter Back Pillow, perfect for extra lumbar support in the car, at work, or in the comfort of his home to relieve back pain.  

A best-seller and customer favorite for 20 years, Bucky's Baxter Back Pillows are guaranteed to provide the highest quality mobile lumbar support wherever you go.

The secret to this therapeutic design is the eco-friendly buckwheat hull filling, which contours to the body and distributes weight evenly for optimal support. The interlocking nature of buckwheat hulls allows for continuous ventilation and keeps the pillow from overheating, even when used for a long period of time. 



#2. Gusto Inflatable Neck Pillow

 Does the special man in your life travel a lot?

For the man who always seems to be jet setting, we have the perfect gift. Treat your man with the Gusto Inflatable Beck Pillow

We know that comfort while traveling depends on a custom fit and that's why the gusto inflatable neck pillow works so well. The ergonomic design allows this versatile neck pillow to adjust for all neck sizes. Simply inflate it and easily adjust to ideal firmness. Now every time your guy goes on a trip he'll have your pillow alongside him and it will make him miss you all the more! 




#3. Buckwheat Filled Natural Cotton Bed Pillow


 Treat Your Man and Yourself...

If your significant other is a bit of a snorer, we have a gift that will provide comfort for him and better sleep for you!


The Natural Cotton Bed Pillow perfectly conforms to head and shoulders to reduce snoring, promote deep breathing, and bring restorative sleep. When neck alignment is maintained, snoring is  minimized.  

The best part...

Buckwheat hulls provide passive support even as you shift positions during sleep. The filling is temperature-sensitive, never heating, always providing proper ventilation for a cool and dry pillow all night. Extreme quality and comfort relieves pressure and reduces tiredness as it greatly improves the quality of sleep.

So go ahead and get him the magic pillow that will give both of you sleep, which essentially is the gift that keeps on giving. Shop Buckwheat Bed Pillows >>


Gifts for HER

If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas for her, look no further! Shower her with luxury, comfort, and style with all of our fabulous options. 

#1. Blockout Eye Shades


Let us introduce you to the Blockout Eye Shades. Not only are these eye masks going to give her incredible beauty sleep, but they are also super stylish so when she uses them for travel, they'll look good as well as keep her rested with ultimate luxury and ease.

These sleeping masks are equipped with ear plugs and shut out sensory input to ensure total darkness for deep, restful sleep.

As an additional bonus, we also sell neck pillows so you can complement the sleeping mask for a well rounded and thoughtful gift. 



#2. Heart Warmer Pillow 

 New mom on the list?

If the leading lady you're shopping for has recently become a mother, we recommend our Bucky heart warmer pillow. Treat her to the luxury of versatile comfort and relaxation. Simply put the heart warmer in the microwave for relaxing heat therapy or in the freezer to cool off. Our heart warmers are made out of premium filled buckwheat seeds that conform to your body. 

The heart warmers also make great gifts for a gal who feels under the weather too often or is always cold. The get-well gesture will warm her spirits in addition to her chills.


#3. Hot and Cold Therapy 

Give her the spa-cial treatment...

A little extra luxury and care are necessary over the holidays. Help her relax with spa treatment with our hot/cold therapy. She works hard so she deserves to be spoiled with our neck wraps and compact wraps. These wraps are great for reducing stress, anxiety, sore muscles, hot flashes, inflammation, and more! Go ahead and give her a spa day from home and make her day. 

 A few of our favorites...



Hopefully these ideas have helped you find something fitting and perfect for the women in your life and that they feel a little extra special this season. 


Gifts for Kids

Don't forget about the little ones! Give them fun and comfortable gifts and make things easier on yourself in the process.

#1. Woopsies

Turn tears into smiles with Whoopsies--all natural, cuddly hot/cold packs that help soothe life's bumps and bruises. Woopsies are great for easing insect bites, sun burns, fevers, summer heat, tummy ahces, headaches, sore muscles, and winter cold. 

The secret to Whoopsies is the high-quality buckwheat filling, which releases heat and cold slowly and retains temperature longer than rice or flax. To make it even better, Whoopsies look like stuffed animals so they may just become a favorite toy as well. 


#2. Buckyroo Pillows

Pair your Whoopsie with matching colored Buckyroo Pillows and make naptime a breeze! These soft, huggable pillows are perfect for nap time at school, at home, or on the go.Each pillow is filled with silky soft millet hulls that cushion and comfort. 




#3. Jr U-Shaped Pillow 

Make travel easy...

For the little ones who are always falling asleep in the car, try the Jr U-Shaped Pillow. Made in the USA, these pillows are filled with silky soft millet hulls that cushion and comfort. The pillow is so comfortable and easy to fall asleep in, they won't be asking you "are we there yet?" as often. 





Hopefully you've been able to pick something out for the youngsters near and dear to your heart. For a peak at all the kids options we have, click below. 

That's a wrap!

Speaking of wrapping, check out our Pinterest for all things gift giving and wrapping. Happy Shopping!


View our Complete Gift Guide HERE >>




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