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This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Michael Dehoyos.

Sleep is, quite possibly, the pinnacle of our lives. We spend a third of our lives snoring away the hours, snuggled up in bed, but are you sure that your bed is helping you to make the most of that time?

It could be extremely detrimental to your sleep, but you might have pushed this thought to the back of your mind, too preoccupied with your awake life.

You need to realize how important sleep is, and be proactive in bettering it for yourself. There is no better way to do this than improving your bed, whether that be creating an entirely new bed from scratch or working on your existing setup.



How better to start than at the literal bottom of your bed?

“You may not give your mattress too much thought after you purchase it and stuff it on the bottom of your bed, but this is a dire mistake to make,” Justine Mitchell, a lifestyle blogger from Britstudent and Nextcoursework states. “Not only should you keep its expiration date in mind - a mattress should only be used for ten years at the very most, and it is vital that you pay attention to it and change it for a new one if you notice that it is starting to become worn out or sag”.

However, actually purchasing a mattress is a surprisingly complex procedure.

Mattresses are not a ‘one size fits all’ deal; you need to consider how you sleep, how many people will be using the mattress and which material is right for you. Memory foam can be an excellent choice for comfort and support, but it won’t feel as good for people who like sleeping on their side, for example, since softer mattresses usually work best for them.

While shopping for a new mattress, you should always test out how they feel while you lie down, and utilize the position which you already sleep in, since you are unlikely to change this when you get your new mattress. With all this considered, you will be able to get a brilliant foundation for your bed.



As everyone should know, once you have the mattress down, you need a bedsheet to go on top. This will be the fabric which mainly touches your skin while you sleep, so finding something which is comfortable and not irritating is definitely important.

It doesn’t matter if you have a heavenly mattress which feels like clouds caressing your skin, if your sheets feel like scratchy straw throughout the night - you will end up getting a terrible night’s sleep!

However, you should also take temperature into account.

As soon as you find a bedsheet material which is comfortable and high-quality, you may be content to stop there, but even comfort can’t stop you waking up sweltering in your bed due to a bedsheet which isn’t breathable and leaves your body, which increases in temperature throughout the night, overheating itself.

“Cotton is generally a good material since it is breathable and will leave you sleeping at a comfortable temperature throughout the night,” Steve Cox, an interior designer who writes for PhD Kingdom and Origin Writings, advises. “However, your individual needs should also come into account: if your house is constantly freezing, or you live in a chilled climate, you may need the extra heat!”.

In short, take this advice into account, but twist it to your own individual circumstances, or you will end up making the perfect bed - for someone else!



Whatever you call them, they’re the layer which you put above you to keep you warm and comfortable during the night. Quality and material are extremely important here since you will want to find the perfect covers, then keep them for a long time in good condition.

Making sure that you can wash your covers easily is also a point to consider, since difficult washing may lead to a reluctance to do so on your part, which can lead to poor hygiene within your bed setup.

With regards to materials, wool has a good breathability quality and can be especially effective during the colder seasons, when it is more vital that your body can regulate its temperature while you sleep.

However, wool allergies can prevent this being an option, so synthetic material may be the way to go - just keep in mind that synthetic material has less breathability than natural materials, so it may be better suited for people who absolutely need to stay warm during sleep.

Weighted blankets are also something to think about because the pressure can give you better sleep and help you have more sleep quality.



When it comes to pillows, there are really endless options. And pillows might be even more important than sheets because when you have a bad pillow, you are in for a lot of back pain and neck pain.

But a good pillow is a dream come true and it will make your sleep so much better.

There are memory foam pillows, hull filled pillows, cotton pillows, and different shapes to choose from. However, this largely depends on your individual needs. Some people need soft and fluffy pillows, some people need thin and hard pillows, some need extra neck support.

Whatever your choice is, stay with healthy materials and something that suits you.

However, you decide to create your bed, make sure that you tailor it to your individual needs!



Michael Dehoyos aids companies in studying tactics for marketing to their target audiences, due to being an expert in business strategies and concepts. He mainly contributes to AcademicBrits, but does spend time working with numerous other sites and publications.


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