How Sleep and Productivity are Impacted by Burnout

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Michael Levitt.

We’ve heard that sleep is important for your productivity at work (and in life) to be at its best.  Did you know that if you are burned out, your sleep and productivity will be impacted as well?

Here’s some information and tips to maximize your sleep and productivity, to prevent burnout:

Restful Sleep

Restful sleep is crucial for to reach your productivity goals.  Your body needs restful sleep to repair the damage we do to ourselves daily.  If you aren’t getting enough restful sleep, your body’s energy will be spent on repairing that damage, instead of allowing you to be productive. 

Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for: (Via WebMD)


Burnout is caused by many factors, but a lack of restful sleep in your life is a huge contributor. If you can’t rest, everything will tumble like a house of playing cards.

During burnout, your mind is constantly thinking about work, life, family, responsibilities, struggles (health, financial, personal), and it's often coupled with a lack of motivation to do anything about it.

Whenever you’re going through a season of stressful situations, the chances for burnout and stress are high. You feel like a piñata, either in work and/or in life. Nothing is going right for you. You may feel the world is against you.  This can lead to anxiety and depression if not addressed.


Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is worrying about a possible future state or situation/outcome.  You’re anxious for the results from your medical tests, or you’re worried about how your loved one will react to your last-minute work meeting tonight.  Being mindful and meditation can get you focused on this moment, but you need to change your mindset that’s causing the anxiety in the first place. 

You need to create mental boundaries to prevent negative or worrisome ideas from renting space in your head.  This takes serious effort to create these boundaries, especially if you’ve never dealt with boundaries before.  Having stronger mental and emotional boundaries in your life will make meditation work even better for you, and create a life of less stress, burnout, and other health issues. 

Depression is worrying or being upset about events in the past, or things that led up to feelings today.  Similar to anxiety, you need boundaries to control your thoughts and how you react to these thoughts or issues. 

For the next week, keep a notepad by your nightstand (not on your smartphone, but a piece of paper and a writing instrument), and when your mind starts racing about things, write down what those things are. 

In the morning, review that list and next to the list of things, write down some reasons why these things are bothering you.  Over a week or so, you should start seeing some trends, and it can help shed light on what the issues are in your life that are causing you stress and leading to your anxiety, depression or a burned out state.



Michael Levitt is the CEO and founder of Breakfast Leadership, Inc (, who works with leaders to reduce stress and prevent burnout, so that they can focus on what REALLY matters Most. Michael is a Certified NLP/CBT Therapist through Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

Michael is the host of the Breakfast Leadership Podcast, ranked in the top 200 Business and Marketing Podcasts on iTunes, and author of 369 Days: How To Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenarios. Michael is also recognized as a top 20 Global Thought Leader on Culture, by Thinkers360, and is the co-founder of Pre-Emptive Strike Consulting (, and co-author of Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership, a top 10 new release on, and debuted # 1 in Canada on under Financial Risk Management category.


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