Backpacking Tips for Campers

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Aahuti from TheBackpackerCo.

There’s something special about pitching your tent alongside a gurgling stream and setting afoot to explore the wilderness. Climbing formidable snowy slopes of mountains to reach the peak is a thrill like no other. Backpacking and camping are delightful adventures, but don’t let them turn into a burden. The joy of camping with surely diminish if you are slowed down by backpack induced sore-shoulders or backaches. So, when it comes to your backpack, keep it light. Nay, ultralight!

Choose A Light Backpack

Camping mavens maintain that in order to keep your backpack ultralight campers should keep all unnecessary items outside the fray.

Your backpack should be light, preferably with compartments and durable with a capacity of approximately 40 litres. This would be the perfect size for toting while prancing across Australia or the narrow lanes of Venice. For shoulders and back comfort pick an ergonomic padding.

Pack Smart Foods & Durable Supplies

Experts believe that a traveler should consume 2,500 to 4,500 calories a day. Make sure you have enough food to eat, but not so much that your pack gets too heavy. Opt for more nutritious and filling items to help you get away with bringing less.

Long lasting items like dates and nuts and carrots are suitable choices. Depending on where you are, you may be able to purchase local veggies that can be roasted on an open fire. Lightweight dry items like pasta and small cans of tuna or baked beans are also convenient to carry, just don’t forget a can opener! If you plan to cook over the fire be sure to bring one universal pot.

Get a Manageable Water System 

For camping and trekking, carry collapsible water bottles. In woods, even the pristine water will bear bacteria and viruses transferred into it mainly by animal wastes. Hence, a couple of small water purifiers and iodine tablets are essential to carry. While the former will free the water from physical dirt, the latter would chemically kill the pernicious micro-organisms. Keeping two bottles is a must as the chemical tablets take at least 30 minutes to act upon the water. While you're drinking from one, the other is being readied for future use.

Carry Minimal Clothing

If it's for a weekend camping, carry just an extra set of what you are wearing. Longer camping also doesn’t require an enormous bulk of clothes. Just don't change frequently.

Carry clothes of nylon and polyester fabrics; besides consuming lesser space, they dry faster and are moisture-wicking. Adopt 'layering' policy which will keep you warm without bulky jackets that also hog much of your backpack's space.

A list of essential clothes would include socks, long underwear tops, underwear, hiking pants, T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt or pull-overs, fleece or insulated jackets, gloves, rain jackets and rain pants.

Pack Medicines & First-Aid

Be sure to pack the essential medicines for headaches, mountain-sickness fever, and a stomach ailment. You could try a ready-made one that has compartments and comes with medicines and first-aid items from reputable companies. Don’t leave behind your sunscreen, you’ll require a copious amount of it in the outdoors to prevent sunburns.

Don't Forget the Little Things

Items like a flashlight or headlamp, compass, route-maps and extra cell phone batteries in waterproof cases are essential for camping. Keep a whistle too, which you can repeat rounds of three blasts when lost. Make sure these items weigh light. Also, do pack a Swiss knife set, a small mug and a plate.

Less is More

For an ultralight backpack packing the adage, ‘less is more’ serves well. While your back bears a minimum burden, your joys of camping, thrill and adventure multiply. Camping memories that you’d make in the sun and under the murmur of twinkling stars will always stay in your heart.




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