8 Tips for Making Your Holiday Travel a Breeze

The holidays are right around the corner, and most of us will be traveling to see friends and family. Holiday travel can be an absolute nightmare. The lines are longer, the bags are fuller and the weather is less than ideal. These tips will help make your holiday travels a little easier. 

1. Adjust your dates: flying the day before and the day after any national holiday is a nightmare. Consider adjusting your dates so you miss the rush and save some money.

2. Mark your bag: use an IdentiGrip Luggage Tag to ensure you will spot your bag at the airport. Bonus...it has a built-in spot for your name and phone number.

3. Think twice about gifts: consider bringing small gifts or having them shipped to your destination ahead of time to avoid extra baggage charges or an ultra-packed car.

4. Save your back: long trips in the car, on a plane or on a train can be killer on your back. Bring along a Baxter Back Pillow to save yourself from back pain.

5. Have a backup plan: during the holiday season, travelers are everywhere and the weather is usually bad. Be prepared for your flight to be canceled, or your car to have issues, and make a backup plan so you can still see your loved ones.

6. Bring a sleep mask: trying to get good sleep away from home can be difficult. Bring asleep mask so you can rest on the plane, in the car or on the couch.

7. Pack smart: the chances of losing your bag go way up during the holiday rush. Pack everything in your carry on so you can skip the lines and be worry-free. Use this Minimalist Packing Guide to learn how to pack 14 outfits in one suitcase.

8. Calm the kids: kids can get fussy during travel, which is a major headache. Make sure kids are calm and comfortable with their very own neck pillow for napping and a little travel buddy to hang on to.

We want to make traveling easier for you. For all travel needs during the holidays visit bucky.com

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