7 Tips for Beating the Winter Blues at Home

This guest blog post was curated by Jennifer Woodruff.

Winter is coming. While that will make many of you think of a popular book and television series, it’s also seasonally true. The end of the year means many things; the holiday season, dropping temperatures and less sunlight to name a few. With the season also comes a condition commonly known as the winter blues.

As days feel shorter and we are experiencing the lack of sun, people become more prone to bouts of sadness and depression. But that doesn’t have to be your reality. Read on for seven ways you can beat those winter blues from the comfort of your own home.

Make Use of Lighting

One of the biggest reasons why people experience the winter blues is due to the lessened amount of sunlight in these months. Daylight Savings makes our days feel shorter, while grey skies make us feel gloomy. The best way to combat this is to equip your home with plenty of natural feeling light. To mimic the light of the sun, look for sun lamps that are meant for winter months and fighting off sadness. Sitting in a room with one of these will brighten up your space and your mood.

Cleanse the Atmosphere with Plants

Houseplants have a variety of benefits that makes them a necessity for any home. A plant gives you something to focus on and take care of, which can work towards boosting your self-worth. There are also health benefits associated with many common houseplants. English ivy, spider plants, and bamboo palm are a few houseplants that have been proven to cleanse your home’s air and remove harmful chemicals from it. Geraniums, orchids, rosemary, and basil are some of the plants you should keep in your home if you’re looking for something to boost your mood.

Treat Yourself to a Home Spa Experience

Nothing will help clear the winter blues quite like a day of self-pampering, especially when you don’t have to leave the house to do it. Clear a day to do nothing but treat yourself. Start with a warm bubble bath with your favorite candles lit nearby. Take your time to give yourself a proper pedicure, complete with a foot soak and scrub. Relax with a face mask and a lavender body wrap to allow your stress and sadness to melt away. Taking this time for yourself at least once a month or every other week is important. It gives you the ability to self-reflect and elicits a mood boost that will help to fight weather-induced sadness.

Find Joy with Color

When you look outside and all you see is shades of grey and white, it can really get to you emotionally. Let the inside of your home reflect something different. Infuse your space with bold colors to break up the monotonous monotone outside. Shades of crimson, turquoise, orange and emerald are all great tones to include in your decor to make a colorful statement. For a full-on impact, try painting an accent wall in the color of your choosing. If something more subtle is your style, add color through decor pieces like lamps, pillows, frames, and vases. Just be sure the color you choose speaks to you and makes you happy.

Know the Importance of Sleep

Sleep is a huge factor regarding many things in your life, including your mood. Not only do you want to get a good night’s sleep, but you also need to make sure your body is comfortable and supported while sleeping. Having a good mattress is essential here. If your mattress isn’t helping your body to relax, you’ll be restless and your body won’t be able to recharge even if you get a full eight hours. You also want to make sure the atmosphere of your room is helping you. If there is outside light coming in and preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep, find an eye mask that’ll work for you and help you fall asleep. Or if your room is too hot, look for a fan that’ll help circulate the air.

Use Weight as a Soothing Property

The winter blues can be a daunting emotional experience. One way to help work through those feelings of sadness and anxiety that arise is by investing in a weighted blanket. These alternative blankets have recently risen in popularity and have been praised for their ability to help those with anxiety feel comforted. When things feel like they’re piling up and are too much, take a breather and curl up under your new weighted blanket while you watch a movie. You’ll feel soothed and start to feel your mood change in no time.

Find Projects to Focus On

Distraction through productivity is another way to fight off those winter blues. If you feel overwhelmed, try tackling an organization project. Go through your pantry, clean and organize. Or go through your closet, clean it up and donate anything you no longer use. Another calming practice is to take up knitting. Here you can work on creating a chunky knitted blanket to cuddle up with on chilly nights.


As winter looms closer, don’t let the season get you down! Yes, the days will feel shorter and become darker, but there is plenty you can do to stay positive and fight back against those winter blues all from the comfort of your house. Let your home be your safe haven and happy place this winter by following these tips.



Jennifer is a writer and lover of all things home decor and wellness. She loves wandering through the home store and finding new, fun and relaxing things to decorate her space for every season.

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