7 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Upgrades for Better Sleep

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Scott Mathews.

Are you tired of having sleepless nights? Or having workplace concentration problems owing to mild insomnia? Is having a quality sleep a smart goal of yours for this new year? Or is it something your doctor prescribed? If you want to have a better sleep, you are in the right place.

Having enough rest is of utmost importance because it bolsters your mood and memory, helps you keep a healthy weight, as well as mitigate the risk of getting serious diseases. Many factors can enhance sleep, and one of the most vital of them is creating a supportive environment. What if you want a new and efficient feel for your bedroom but don’t have much money? Here are a few budget-friendly options to upgrade your bedroom to mark the beginning of a happy year:

1. A Headboard

Among the many means of upgrading your bedroom is the addition of a headboard. Headboards are wonderful for their unchallenging nature. They help to provide a focal point for the entire room. They have also proved to be great avenues for adding color, pattern, and texture to your room. A headboard can promote your style.

If you think you can't afford a headboard or you have to pay for other things like resume help, think again! The answer you are looking for is a fabric panel. This is a kind of headboard that comprises hanged tapestries, fabrics, or even curtain panels behind your bed. You can do this at a little cost. This idea is great because there are endless options and it favors mobility because you can remove it easily.

2. Decluttering

How can you get quality rest when there are paper works, old books, thesis help tools, laundry, exercise equipment, and other allied appliances lying all around? This disorderly arrangement gives the illusion of little or no room space, hence, forming a "choking" atmosphere, which may be quite unhealthy to sleep. This can sometimes go as far as inhibiting a favorable room temperature and further disrupting sleep. To remedy this, you should:

  • Take the time to tidy your room and get rid of everything that does not make you relax.
  • Get a new place for those unused items, or toss out or donate those them. For example, you can donate unused books to Australian assignment help.
  • Remove the clutter with some simple accessories such as shelves and racks.

3. Update Your Pillows

As ordinary as a pillow might seem to a good night’s rest when compared with a mattress, it has a very vital function. The pillow supports your head and neck so that you can wake up without neck pain or back stiffness. However, after some time, even the best pillow will stop doing that.

Therefore, the question is, how do you know when a pillow goes bad? It's quite a simple drill. Firstly, fold the pillow in half and if it does not return after you do, then it's high time you replaced it. There's also the question of how you sleep. Thin pillows are recommended for back sleepers, the thinnest or no pillows for the stomach sleepers and for side sleepers, firm gusseted pillows should be fine.

4. Lighting

Scientifically, the human eye, whether opened or closed, responds to light. Even the slightest glow from a lamp or an outdoor light bulb can adversely affect your sleep. To this end, you should get blackout curtains and sleep masks to regulate the lighting.  However, be sure you get a Bucky sleep mask that has the perfect grip, else you might end up feeling too cramped. Also, lighting goes a long way to set the mood of any room. If you’re not a professional essay writer, you don’t need a bright light in your room. A dimmer bulb is a cost-effective way to bring about a much-desired upgrade.

5. Get New Bedding

The bed is a place where you spend roughly one-third of your life. It is the most essential piece of furniture. Therefore, ensuring it looks and feels better should be a priority. While a new bed frame and mattress might cost a lot of money, you won’t want to do this unless it’s necessary. However, asides changing your mattress and bed furniture entirely, getting new bedspreads is a cheap upgrade. A simple or ornate pattern and color on your new spreads will go a long way to bring personality to your bedroom.

6. Buy a Rug

Changing the whole carpet can sometimes be a costly job. For a new sparkling image, a rug is what you need. A rug is a simple way to update the floor and interior and transform your room. A rug doesn’t only work out transformative makeover magic for a room’s appearance; it can as well give a sense of homely satisfaction. Also, thick rugs will help with insulation. You should choose a rug that is durable and easy to clean. A slightly darker shade or plain-patterned rug will fit the budget as it’s cheaper to maintain.

7. Freshen up the Room with Fragrance

One of the essential factors to consider when upgrading your room is its smell. A pungent odor keeps people away and tends to inhibit sleep. So, you have to ensure your room has a nice fragrance. Below are some of the inexpensive ways to achieve this:

  • Adding scented soaps and candles freshen up the bathroom area; fresh, seasonal flowers can be a low-cost way to brighten up your room (be mindful of allergies).
  • Scent your bulbs and flick the switch to diffuse the scent.


Everybody wants to retreat to a stylish sleeping space at the end of a day's work and enjoy a good sleep. To achieve this, you need not invest thousands of dollars in renovation or a total overhaul. The seven ideas above are simple enough to pull off in a day or two and will make a significant difference in your room. Also, no matter how you decide to decorate your room, remember that comfort is key.


Scott Mathews is a technical writer and dissertation writing services expert at assignment help uk. He also specializes in law assignment help. Scott is an avid follower of American politics and he enjoys country music during his free time.


*Bucky does not endorse any products or practices suggested by guest bloggers. All ideas and opinions are their own and do not reflect the opinions of Bucky.


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