6 Habits to Help Fix your Sleep Schedule

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Frank Hamilton.

Sleep and food are the two main components of normal life. And these are the things that have a direct impact on your productivity throughout the day. And if the body can still forgive you for a one-time pass of a meal, then be sure that if you do not get enough sleep, then your day will most likely be doomed. Or you will have to constantly struggle with a feeling of drowsiness until you disturb yourself to such a state that it will be difficult for you to fall asleep at night. In this article, we've put together seven basic tips on how to normalize your sleep patterns and stick to the right habits.

Adjust Your Bedtime

Let's simulate a situation. Suppose you are used to falling asleep after midnight, for example, at 2 am and now you want to normalize the regime and start going to bed at 10 pm. Obviously, if you try to fall asleep four hours earlier than usual, then you will spend these four hours on futile attempts to disconnect. It is impossible to fool an organism that is already used to a certain schedule. Or, at least, it is impossible to deceive the body in such an impudent manner.

Therefore, start making changes to your schedule gradually. On the first day, try to fall asleep 15 minutes earlier than usual and get out of bed 15 minutes earlier. Thus, your body will not feel the change too strong. The next day, go to bed half an hour earlier and get up earlier accordingly. So, in four days you can shift your schedule by an hour and this will not be a shock to the body. Continue to adjust your sleep pattern until you reach the ideal time for you, and then all you have to do is remember the correct habit and follow it.

Cut Back on Alcohol

It is believed that alcohol helps to fall asleep, but this is far from the truth. Yes, in isolated cases, if you drink a few drops against a background of general fatigue, then you will fall asleep faster. However, this should not become a daily practice. Moreover, if you drink too much, sooner or later your body will simply disconnect from reality and fall asleep, but you know or guess what will happen in the morning. Weakness and headache are guaranteed.

Therefore, do not drink alcohol justifying it so that you need to fall asleep quickly. Alcohol does not calm, but only irritates the nervous system and then it will be even more difficult to go into sleep. And since alcohol directly affects the brain cells, this blocks the processes of cleansing and recovery that must occur in our brain during each of the stages of night sleep. Replace alcohol with herbal tea made from chamomile, mint, lemon, and honey.


Limit Screen Time

If you have a habit of sleeping with the TV turned on, or watching a social media feed with the lights off, then be sure that this is something that hurts your sleep very much. There are many studies that suggest that blue light from screens irritates the nervous system. Yes, it works just like alcohol does.

Of course, there is nothing stronger than habit, so in order to make it easier for you to get used to the changes, put a lamp with soft light near the bed and read a paper book (yes, they still exist) instead of posting from social networks on your smartphone. You will definitely get more benefits for sleep quality and intelligence.

And for students, this habit is especially important. Replace social networks with repetition of the lecture material, but do not forget that in case you need help with your academic tasks, you can always go to the website Online Writers Rating and choose the best freelance academic writer to guide and assist you.

Avoid Under or Over Eating

Sleeping hungry is a bad idea. Even if you want to lose weight - in the morning you will get a feeling of breakdown and dizziness. Overeating before bedtime is an even worse idea, since your body, which must rest at night, will try hard to digest what is eaten. And the feeling of heaviness in the stomach in the morning is a clear indicator that your body could not cope - you neither gave it the opportunity to fully digest the food, since you ate it when the body was not ready for digestion nor to fully rest since your organism still had to do it.

The ideal option is a light dinner two hours before bedtime. Plus, look at the list of products that improve sleep. We have already talked about herbal teas, but in addition, eggs, honey, and cherries also help to sleep better.

Utilize an Alarm Clock

How many times do you press the “After 10 minutes” button on your smartphone when the alarm clock rings in the morning? Probably at least two-three times, and for this reason even special alarm clock applications have appeared. In order for the alarm to go off, you need to solve a mathematical example or solve a riddle, in general, give a certain sign of life.

However, in fact, you do not need the wonders of high technology to start waking up at the same time and not to postpone this decisive step for “just five more minutes, and I will definitely get up”.

All you need is the invention of pre-evolutionary technology - an ordinary mechanical alarm clock. Its sound is so piercing that sleep disappears in seconds, but when you get used to this sound, it will not be so shocking. Ask your grandmother if she can lend you such an alarm clock, or look for this rarity in antique shops or at fairs of unnecessary things.

Stick to a Schedule

In fact, if you adhere to a proper sleep pattern and you were able to remove all the annoying factors that make your sleep less quality, then the need to sleep a little longer on the day off simply does not arise. You will calmly wake up at your usual time and will enjoy your vacation or weekend as a normal person. Moreover, at the end of the vacation, you do not have to return to this article one more time in order to rebuild your regime again.

Therefore, remember - you cannot afford indulgences. In fact, you get enough sleep. It's just a fact that you don’t have to go to work sweetly whispers to your body - sleep a little longer, we don’t have to rush anywhere, you can allow yourself an extra hour. In fact, this extra hour in a few days will grow into a few extra hours, and as a result - a broken habit that you have been developing for so long.


Normal sleep is the key to a normal day. Do not let external factors deprive you of the opportunity to have a good rest, especially since this is a natural necessity that we need to survive.



Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.


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