5 Tips for Planning a Fun and Budget Friendly Staycation

This guest blog post was curated for Bucky by Lauren Laporte.

Decided to spend your vacation at home? Great, this is the perfect opportunity to destress, catch up with friends and family, and work on elevating your quality of life. That said, you need to know what you’re doing, and you need to prepare properly if you are to actually organize an amazing staycation and not end up binge-watching Netflix and eating chips all day long. Not that you shouldn’t have a movie night, but there is so much more you could see, do, and experience.

The key is to make a detailed plan for your activities in order to organize a stress-free vacation. Here to help you plan out a staycation of a lifetime are five fun and frugal tips you should follow. 

Go on a “global” food tour

There are two ways you can be a foodie traveler in your hometown: you can find amazing international recipes and cook a different dinner every night that’s representative of a different culture, or you can hit a different restaurant instead. Needless to say, the former is a bit more affordable, but hey, some people have no intention of cooking while they’re on vacation.

If you love to cook and find the process soothing, then be sure to research some global cuisine you can easily replicate at home. Be sure to make a big deal out of the whole thing. Put on your favorite music, dim the lights a bit, organize the ingredients like you’re on a cooking show, pull out a bottle of your favorite wine, and just enjoy the process.

Escape into the great outdoors

A staycation is a great opportunity to reconnect with Mother Nature. There are many ways you can enjoy nature in and around your town, from organizing a picnic with your family and friends at the park, all the way to taking the family out on a camping adventure in the woods. And the best part is that there is no shortage of fun activities for everyone.

Be sure to bring plenty of fresh, seasonal foods, and all of the outdoor gear you might need depending on the activities you plan to enjoy. Consider spending the night under the stars, roast some marshmallows on the fire (hey, it’s camping law), and be sure to take on some trekking, fishing, and exploration!

Pick up a couple of healthy habits

If there is anything a staycation is perfect for, it’s allowing yourself to put your needs first and focus on your emotional and physical well-being. After all, you’re spending so much time taking care of others while putting hours of your life in your work, it’s only natural that you would want to take a step back and for once put yourself first. 

And one of the best healthy habits you can introduce is to start exercising. With the right mindset and some stylish bodybuilding clothing to motivate you to sculpt the body of your dreams, there’s nothing you won’t be able to achieve. What’s more, keep in mind that a staycation is the best time to start exercising, because you finally have the time to hit the gym or workout at home without feeling exhausted or looking at the clock non-stop. 

Pamper yourself with a spa day

When was the last time you got a professional massage, either at home or at a spa? Never, or a long time ago? Regardless, now’s the right time to pamper yourself like never before and find out what it truly means to not give a damn about anything while someone is massaging your feet. It’s a truly cathartic experience, and you’ve earned it! 

Now, spas can be expensive, so be sure to book your appointments ahead of time and research the best spas in your areas for your needs. And make it fun! You’re on vacation, so mix it up with various spa activities such as mud baths, massages, saunas, and more.

If you’re still not ready to afford a spa, there's nothing stopping you from making your own, budget-friendly spa at home. Pick-up some pampering equipment like candles, sleep masks, essential oils, and comfy body wraps, and create your own hot-cold therapy and aromatherapy safe-haven at home. 

Take a class and learn something new

And lastly, there’s nothing quite like the rewarding feeling of finally taking the time to broaden your horizons and learn something new. Whether you decide to catch up on your reading list, or if you sign up for a class, or just pick up a new hobby, this is the time to learn a new skill, expand your knowledge base, and become a happier earthling. 

Wrapping up

There’s nothing wrong with deciding to spend your vacation at home, in fact, this is the perfect opportunity to tend to your needs, get your life in order, and become a healthier person while having the time of your life. Follow these tips, and you will organize a memorable and rewarding staycation.



Lauren Laporte is a health writer with a passion for natural healing and getting lost in the wilderness. Her aim is to travel far and wide through the diverse countryside to appreciate those rural gems and the quietude that they bring. 

 *Bucky does not endorse any products or practices suggested by guest bloggers. All ideas and opinions are their own and do not reflect the opinions of Bucky.

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